Leather Witch – Leather Witch

Leather Witch Cover Art

Leather Witch – Leather Witch
Steel Shark Records
Release Date: 10/10/2020
Running Time: 31:28
Review by Simon Black

Clearly, it is still the early 1980’s in Metal Columbia, where Leather Witch have been hard at work grafting one of the more authentic NWOBHM influenced offerings I’ve heard in a while. It’s their debut and has all those classic Speed Metal tropes – cheesy lyrics, wall to wall leather stage gear and of course the cheesy cartoon cover. It doesn’t seem that a week goes by without a young act trying to capture that period and sound, with many clearly spending a long-time over-engineering the sound in an attempt to recreate the analogue in the digital age, whilst missing the point that most of it was the product of non-existent budget, studio staff who had no experience of the music and an urgency born of a complete lack of time. This feels like it has all those elements in the mix (even though an old hand in Sweden actually did the production) but the point is it captures the feel very authentically, along with an absolute bucket load of energy and enthusiasm from the musicians which is positively infectious.

Vocally Tania Ospina Gomez is channelling a vein of pure Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, spitting venom and aggression at every turn of this belting eight track record, which positively whizzes by, although musically it’s more Speed and Traditional Metal than Thrash. On first listen the rawness can be a little off-putting, but by the second listen I’m feeling way more positive and rather enjoying the no frills sound and naïve charm that only seems to come from a young act keen to get out there and make their musical stamp on the world regardless of whether the world is actually ready for them. Where the album (and indeed the band) needs a little development is tightening up the song-writing and focusing a little more on structure, hopefully without losing that marvellous energy. Where they get it right are on tracks like ‘Day Of Glory’, by far the strongest track on the album and a good belting crowd pleaser that gives us the catchy chorus, riff and structure that are sometime in short supply elsewhere. A few more tracks like that in the bag and these guys have a solid future.

‘Stronger Than Death’ (Official Video)

01. Pull The Trigger
02. Stronger Than Death
03. Day Of Glory
04. Murder Ride
05. No Pain No Game
06. Fast Killer
07. Do It For Money
08. Leather Witch

Tania Ospina Gomez – Vocals
José Uribe – Guitars
Pablo Meza – Guitars
Hernan Gonzalez “Otto” – Bass
Juan “Chamo” Hurtado – Drums


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