SuidAkrA – Echoes Of Yore

Echoes Of Yore Cover

SuidAkrA – Echoes Of Yore
MDD Records
Release Date: 15/11/2019
Running Time: 50:41
Review by Victor Augusto

We are almost at the end of 2019, with a new decade upcoming in less than a month, and I keep thinking to myself about the new styles/genres that will quickly appear and disappear like has happened in previous decades. I also wonder why Heavy Metal listeners are still so worried about the farewell tours of the mainstream bands, considering that we have plenty of new killer bands around the world. One other thing that I reflect on is how bands that were considered young a few years ago are now reaching, what can be considered, long careers and it is astonishing how they keep themselves alive and active. Within all of those questions the name SuidAkrA appears as a good example of what we will have in the near future.

The German Celtic Heavy Metal band SuidAkrA is celebrating 25 years of non-stop releases and tours. Instead of offering an easy and boring compilation album, why not record the classic and most famous songs again? With this in mind, they decided to ask their fans to choose 10 songs to re-record with a modern production but without losing the original spirit. But, they also had an extra gift for their fans and recruited former member Marcel Schoenen to record his original parts, increasing the original spirit of the record even more.

No matter from which album each song was originally released, the way that the band have worked this and the order they have put the songs in make the listener feel like they are listening to a new album. All the tracks connect to each other! If you like Celtic music then it is, obviously, the main influence here, but you can also hear Melodic Death Metal, similar to Dark Tranquility and even a touch of Black Metal but it is very well diluted in arrangements like ‘Hall Of Tales’. The beautiful and classic ‘Rise Of Taliesin’ (at least classic for me) comes at a perfect moment to calm down the listening.

I could spend hours describing each song, but they are all highlighted as favourites by the band’s fans and they received great attention during the re-recording process. I believe the band made the right decision to make “Echoes Of Yore”. If you have been a fan of SuidAkrA since the early days then you will enjoy this record. However, if you don’t know this classic German band, it is the perfect opportunity to discover the best of them and hear the great mix of heavy styles that the band incorporates over their Celtic music. After all, it’s not every day that a heavy metal group hits their 25th Anniversary

01. Wartunes
02. The Quest
03. Havoc
04. Morrigan
05. Rise of Taliesin
06. Hall of Tales
07. Pendragon’s Fall
08. Banshee
09. Warpipes Call Me
10. Lays from Afar

Arkadius Antonik – Vocals, Guitars, Orchestral Arrangements
Sebastian Jensen – Clean Vocals, Guitars
Tim Siebrecht – Backing Vocals, Bass
Ken Jentzen – Drums
Shir-Ran Yinon – Violin
Catalina Popa-Mörck – Flute
Bernhard Mahlmeister – French Horn
Robse (Equilibrium) – guest vocals on ‘Havoc’
Sascha Aßbach – Backing Vocals



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SuidAkrA – Cimbric Yarns

cimbric yarns cover

SuidAkrA – Cimbric Yarns
AFM Records
Release Date: 16/11/2018
Running Time: 39:00
Review by Lotty Whittingham

After years of delving into the rock and metal music sphere, you think you have seen it all and nothing else could possibly surprise you. Wait until you hear SuidAkrA’s latest release and then tell us if things still seem predictable. “Cimbric Yarns” can mean two things dependent on the listener. For those who have been fans of the band for a long time, it’s a remarkable chance to see a more delicate and ambient side. For new listeners, it’s a great to get to know their sound before experiencing their heavier material.

“Cimbric Yarns” is the thirteenth studio album after twenty-four years of producing high quality bombastic tunes. It’s an acoustic masterpiece that takes the listener into a mystical land before time. It’s a continuation of the “Realms Of Odoric” saga and according to vocalist Arkadius Antonik, “Cimbric Yarns” takes the audience back to where it all began before “Realms Of Odoric”.

You feel the beautiful ambience only a few seconds in. The opening instrumental ‘Echtra’ ensures this with mystical guitar riffs and fantasy style melodies on the flute. This, along with the stunning ‘Serpentine Origins’ ensures you don’t want to leave this fantasy.

‘Serpentine Origins’ is the first full track of the album. It gives the listener a taste of the stunning authenticity of the band’s delicate side. The remarkable chorus will be swimming around the head for days after the first listen.

Throughout the album you are treated to portfolio of acoustic magic. Each track has its own story but it’s the beauty and passion that binds all the songs together well. The examples given are just a few of the spellbinding songs that we can experience on the album.

The acoustic guitar riffs at the beginning of ‘A Day And Forever’ entice the listener to find out more. What comes next are the beautiful vocals that provide the icing on the cake. The melody is a simple one yet provides an impact with the delicate yet powerful components. The chorus will be sung back to them from fans across venues and along to the record.

The single ‘Snakehenge’ is an atmospheric masterpiece that consists of brilliant vocal harmonies, excellent guitar work and fantastic orchestral elements. Judging from the lyric video for the song, it’s one that could easily cause headbanging at a live show, p particularly along to the folk sounding guitar riffs. As weird as that sounds, it could happen.

Judging from the intro of ‘Birth And Despair’, it’s more than safe to say that this is appropriately named. It provides a more sombre tone to the album yet keeps the impact that the rest of the songs contain. The vocal harmonies, beautiful guitar work and wonderful flute melody are highlights of the track.

It ends on a haunting note with the track ‘Caoine Cruác’. The best album endings confirm it’s the end of the record but you’re left wanting more at the same time. This closing track does that perfectly. It has a brilliant mix of pirate, western and folkness that mark the end of the record. The bouncy rhythm mid-way has you thinking of walking off into the sunset and the epic sounding fantasy melodies leave you wanting more!

‘Cimbric Yarns’ is an acoustic portfolio that has the mighty power to transport anyone away from reality. One of the best things about the record is that it will appeal to all music lovers alike, not just metal fans!

It’s not often you come across an album that you listen to and appreciate in every detail. “Cimbric Yarns” easily achieves this feat with its beautiful music.

01 Echtra
02 Serpentine Origins
03 Ode To Arma
04 A Day And Forever
05 Black Dawn
06 At Nine Light Night
07 Snakehenge
08 Birth And Despair
09 Assault On Urlár
10 Caoine Cruác



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