Wolf Counsel – Destination Void

Destination Void Cover

Wolf Counsel – Destination Void
Endless Winter
Release Date: 22/02/2019
Running Time: 48:00
Review by Tsarina Wilson

If you want an album that packs a punch from track one, here you go.

The band, consisting of Ralf W. Garcia on Bass/vocals, Reto Crola on drums, Andreas Reinhart on guitars and Ralf Huber on guitars, certainly know how to give you the full package. From great guitar riffs to intense vocals, they have a style of their own and don’t follow the crowd.

Originally a brainchild of the 1990’s, Wolf Counsel finally came to be in 2014 when two veteran musicians merged their enthusiasm and low tuned music and great appreciation of heavy riffs into a new band.

Wolf Counsel have released three full length albums so far; “Vol 1 – Wolf Counsel” (2015), “Ironclad” (2016) and “Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos” (2017). All these albums were recorded at Little Creek Studio and produced, mixed and mastered by V. O. Pulver (Poltergeist, GurD, Panzer) and all feature seven songs each that cover the whole scope of classic Doom Metal, showing how this band is developing with each album they release.

The band wrote their fourth album in four months, and this album “Destination Void” again consists of seven tracks, my favourite being ‘Nova’. This may have something to do with the fact that is my mum’s name but, on the other side; I just love the depth to the whole track.

These four guys from Switzerland really have a unique sound. Yes, it’s Doom Metal but it’s much more. It has a sharp edge to it and with such slow and gruff vocals; it has its own unique appeal which is very refreshing. With many Doom bands, you spend a lot of time thinking “what are they saying” but not with Wolf Counsel. They break away from the traditional but in a good way. They have a doom vibe which they can call their own.

‘Destination Void’ the title track is haunting and if there is a horror film director out there who needs a band for their next film credits then it’s these guys. I think it would be a perfect combination, the haunting lyrics followed by some brilliant guitar riffs then back to slow haunting, drunken vocals.

The brilliant artwork on the album cover is just as haunting as the music and sums up the band so well.

On the whole “Destination Void” was a great listen and I look forward to future things from these guys.

01. Nazarene
02. Nova
03. Mother Of All Plagues
04. Men Of Iron Men OF Smoke
05. Destination Void
06. Tomorrow Never Knows
07. Staring Into Oblivious




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Freakings – Toxic End

Freakings cover

Freakings – Toxic End

Running Time 36:39

Independently released on 6 March 2017

7/10 – Review by Dawn King

I must admit that I was a virgin where Freakings are concerned, having never heard of them before being assigned their new album “Toxic End” to review. Thinking they were a new band on the scene, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered during my research that they already have two albums under their belt, and that this was, in fact, their third full length release.

Formed in Basel, Switzerland, in 2008, the band is made up of axemen/speedfreak/shouter Jonathan Brutschin, and brothers, Toby Straumann on the bass and Simon Straumann on the drums, and thrash metal is the last genre of music that you would expect to come out of this county.

But, Freakings “whip up the eardrums with ecstatic, wild, damn precise thrash metal” and are proud to be old school to the bone.

Influenced by bands such as Deliverance, Tourniquet, Vengeance Rising, Mortification and Violator, they spent the first three years of their career working hard and eventually found their own style. Their debut album “No Way Out” was released in 2011 and was based on the Sodom / Venom style of slower, heavier thrash with growling vocals.

By the time their second album “Gladiator” was released in 2014, they had adopted a more vigorous, Slayer-esque sound, which has been retained in this new album, albeit, it is heavier, and the riffs are more dominant.

There is only one way to describe this album really and that is this….

If the world was coming to an end and Armageddon was a foregone conclusion, then THIS is the soundtrack you want playing.

Raw, powerful, fast and heavy modern thrash! I say modern, it harks back to the sound of the mid 2000’s but then compared to the origins of thrash metal, this is modern.

This album has everything that a modern-day thrash album needs, lightning speed strumming, break neck drumming and the dirty vocals to go over the top. The guitar solos are solid, and the drumming is crisp, my two favourite elements of thrash, and it is relentless from start to finish. This is full on pedal to the metal stuff that doesn’t give you time to breathe, let alone do anything else!

This is a brief yet full on thrash attack and I am surprised these guys are still an independent with two albums already to their name and awesome production on this, their third. They have little regard for musicianship, opting for power and noise but to play at the speed they do takes some energy and stamina, so commitment to their art is not a problem.

The stand out song for me is “Violent Disaster”, where the pulsing drums slow to half pace while the guitars remain at rocket speed, before quickening back up again. Definitely a highlight of the album for me.

This album doesn’t bring anything new to the genre and can sound a bit ‘samey’ with each track sounding much like the previous, but I think all thrash metal sounds like this at first! But it is a fun album and at just 36 minutes long, anyone can cope with thrash for that amount of time.

I will certainly go and check out their previous offerings and will be keeping an eye out for any gigs they might do.

I am a thrash girl through and through and in the words of track number four “TxWxNxD” – THRASH WILL NEVER DIE!!


Track List –

  • 1 Hell On Earth
  • 2 Future Vision
  • 3 Violent Disaster
  • 4 TxWxNxD
  • 5 Toxic End
  • 6 Friendly Fire
  • 7 Brain Dead
  • 8 Price Of Freedom
  • 9 Wave Of Pain
  • 10 Beer Attack
  • 11 No More Excuses

Stand out track: Violent Disaster

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