Black Pestilence – Hail The Flesh

Black Pestilence – Hail The Flesh
Release Date: 01/05/2020
Running Time: 34:09
Review by Tammy Lomax

Tissues at the ready guys, we’re definitely going to need them!

Rolling in from Calgary, Canada, Black Pestilence started out as a solo studio project for bass player Valax, back in 2008. Pretty soon, one became three, and since then, there’s been over 12 years of hard work, releasing vast amounts of material, with motivation from huge bands like Municipal Waste and Midnight. Their latest release, “Hail The Flesh” has just been released, and is my subject here today. It’s Black Metal, mixed with punk, and some serious tapping into experimental sound and noise.

The moment album opener, ‘Hail The Flesh’, kicks in, all cards are on the table. I do like to indulge and ramp the volume up, and I most definitely needed to hear this a little bit louder! As the album continued, I was really drawn in by the lashing riffs winding into the intoxicating bass, the sound leaking through the speakers is fantastic, and I’m dribbling! It has some absolutely destroying vocals. They are colossal and literally slashing throughout the entire album. There is a lot of pain and misery in the lyrics, it’s a fantastic outlet, especially given recent events going on in the world. Stick that middle finger up!

Guitarist Daniel, and drummer Davey, complement Valax’s sound, and each other, superbly. For example, in the tracks ‘True To The Dark’ and ‘Cloven Decision’ the clunky bass sucks onto you like a Vacuum, and while you’re firmly stuck in place, you’re slapped with some fast guitars and even faster, harder drums. Amaze balls!! While we’re on the subject of drums, Davey Hellfire is actually jaw dropping. He is undoubtedly fast and certainly efficient. There’s nowhere that he isn’t consistently delivering it all.

‘Hellfire’ is ultimately the best track for me. It has many angles happening, whilst also being insanely swift. The strumming on the guitar follows a really deep bass and the riffs just melt me. I feel like my insides have been imploded! It’s hard and compacted, and I love it!

‘Ephemeral’ ends the album beautifully and most importantly, powerfully. I previously mentioned, Black Pestilence could be tapping into the experimental? Well, this is a perfect example. These fellas are more than capable of pulling on the heartstrings. This is a very well balanced and emotional track. It’s actually really beautiful. Hand me the tissues, will you?! I think next time I may need to review something a little less emotional! Give myself a little break so I can repair what is left off my brain!

Black Pestilence have a great concoction of sounds going on, they are fast paced, with dissolving slapping bass, diverse guitar skills, excellent footwork on the drums and vocals that can rip you apart in seconds! Every single track is done really well too, and there’s an aggressive atmosphere throughout! Your ears feel like they are bleeding!

However, in my personal opinion, Black Pestilence do play it safe with this album. Let me explain. Although the music itself is punchy and solid, it’s not overly technical, or mechanical. It’s robust and destructive, but there’s a certain ‘stability line’ to it and I just don’t feel these guys have pushed themselves to their potential. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not slating, quite the opposite. I love their sound, but I feel they could have tapped into being a bit more experimental. There’s some extreme talent within the band and it is paramount they explore that.

Aside from that small gripe, I love it. The whole album hammers at you like a pneumatic drill, at 100 mph. The album artwork is also bloody awesome and a well fitted representation of Black Pestilence.! It’s a robust design and offers some real rawness! It reminds me of artwork for bands like Bolt Thrower. And similarly, if you like Bolt Thrower, you’ll like Black Pestilence. In fact, if you enjoy any gut ripping black metal, then you’ll definitely appreciate these fellas. Pop over to their page and give them a like.

Look after each other everyone!

01. Hail The Flesh
02. Spurn All Gods
03. Hellfire
04. True To The Dark.
05. Cloven Division
06. Godless
07. Frauds To The Throne
08. My Will To Power
09. Ephemeral

Valax – Bass, Vocals, Samples
Daniel Toews – Guitar
Davey Hellfire – Drums


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Soul Dragger – Soul Dragger

Soul Dragger – Soul Dragger
Time To Kill Records
Release Date: 07/02/2020
Running Time: 47:18
Review By Tammy Lomax

There has been a tremendous amount of negativity floating around social media recently and it’s a shame considering all the good that goes unrecognized! So, allow me to distract you for a moment and inject something good into your lives.

Italian Modern Metallers Soul Dragger are clouting us with their debut, self-titled, album which was released back in February via Time To Kill Records and It follows their EP “Before Chaos”, released in 2018. It was produced by Marco Mastrobuono (Hour Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse) and their sound has been compared to such heavyweights as Machine Head, Trivium and Testament!

“Soul Dragger” is a fantastically agile album that will kick your teeth right in.

‘Rise’ opens the album and because I am a Soul Dragger virgin, I have no idea what awaits. However, it is well balanced and opens the album soundly. There is technical guitar playing with a fast thrash feel and I already feel assured that these guys will bring all the cream. ‘Damnati Memoriae’ swings in next and it’s incredibly good. It’s a bulkier and chunkier track. Vocalist ‘Alex’ is diverse, he executes some really decent metal growls, and throws some lighter noted vocals into the mix too. They are a fitting match to the rest of the music being played.

‘Angel’ enters, and it is so fast. I’m keeping up though and I have started to mould myself into the Soul Dragger vibe, I’m beginning to understand their message. Every instrument is being played impeccably. Intensity starts to build up about halfway in and when a slower riff hits my ears, I start to headbang to the vegetables that I’m preparing for dinner; they also approve! ‘Maid And The Beast’ breaks the album up, however I feel it’s a little too soon to place a ballad in the album. You’ll need to get your lighters out for this one though, because it’s still emotional. The lyrics make sense to me in a personal way and it pulls at my heart strings.

If you are listening along whilst reading this then I hope you are well recovered because from here, everything is going to mess you all up, a lot more! Carrying over the feelings from ‘Maid And The Beast’ the album reaches another stage of awesomeness. ‘Everyday’ gears you up ready for when instrumental track ‘Before Chaos’ plays. With the vocals out of the equation you can hear hefty amounts of talent on display. I love drummer Flavio’s double kick footwork; he is very good. What a great opportunity for Soul Dragger’s musicians to express their talents. They are alert, energetic and more particularly, on point.

‘Alone’ is a great addition to the album. The more it plays, the more it grows on me. Firing in an angelic chorus which battle the ripping roars of the verse, adding the best guitar solo and… I feel all fluffy. It’s a shame there wasn’t more clean singing because, wow, what a voice! By this point I literally want to kick the air, my emotions are flying all over the place. ‘War Nightmare’ is next and it is relentless. I feel totally armed and ready for war, Souls Dragger just keep pounding and pounding… breathe Tammy… Jesus!

‘Soul Dragger’, the track, keeps the pace of the album going. There are some awesome screamed vocals, it is a buoyant track, bouncing you about all over the place. I love how quickly it’s projected straight at my throat and just wants to cause straight up carnage. ‘Death ‘n’ Destruction’ highlights exactly how versatile Soul Dragger are, it’s emotional again but in a different way, it brings out all the inner demons. hammering, breaking you up bit by bit and it is dark. ‘Collapse’ closes the album, and wow, what a journey. It’s just as ripping and consistent as the rest of the tracks, I am finally full, right to the brim. Absolutely fantastic work.

This has literally blown my everything off and I am now a new fan of Soul Dragger. They smash through the album with sheer energy. It’s fresh, experimental, combining the old and new, and has some brutal components.

Let’s recognize positivity and what better way to do it than through music ❤.

01. Rise
02. Damnati Memoriae
03. Angel
04. Maid And The Beast
05. Everyday
06. Before Chaos
07. Alone
08. War Nightmare
09. Soul Dragger
10. Death ‘n’ Destruction
11. Collapse

Alessio ‘Alex’ Pompedda – Vocals, Guitar
Davide ‘Spol’ Spoletini – Guitar
Jacopo ‘Jake’ Gennaro – Bass, Backing Vocals
Flavio ‘Imperatore” Leone – Drums


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Serenity Defiled – Dead Earth Syndicate

Serenity Defiled – Dead Earth Syndicate
Dominus Records
Release Date: 20/03/2020
Running Time: 33:48
Review by Tammy Lomax

Well hello again you beautiful people. I do hope everyone is safe, doing well and especially enjoying the marvellous weather recently. Beats the normal British weather we endure sometimes.

So, I have had the lovely privilege of reviewing Serenity Defiled’s latest album “Dead Earth Syndicate” And my oh my, what an absolute corker.

Serenity Defiled rose from the ashes of Australian band ‘Fury’ in 2011. Since then, Mick O’Neil departed and Lord Tim (Lord) joined officially as lead guitarist and vocalist plus did bass duties on the album. It’s essentially a studio project because everyone is spread across the country, and that makes the logistics kind of challenging.

Okay Tammy, so get your bum comfy and press play.

Album opener ‘Dead Earth Syndicate’ confused me a little, don’t get me wrong, I am not nitpicking! I do like the track, and it intrigued me, however, it seemed all over the place. You have an emotional intro and there’s a tech sort of vibe, then Lord Tim’s vocals arrive and I just felt a bit underwhelmed Despite this feeling, next track, ‘Purified In Flame” arched in and my skull literally split in half and blew up. Lord Tim’s vocals are literally bursting out of everything at 90mph!! Now I no longer feel confused, now I get it, quite frankly kicking myself a little. Time to get my bum comfy and REALLY get listening.

‘Pariah’ well, it’s a really imaginative track. There are some really good nasty and dirty dark riffs. It is decidedly death metal and very raw, now I am floating comfortably in my musical bubble boat. Brutal death metal is my place of home and there is a lot to digest, but I can manage big mouthfuls and I do tend to keep up. I am delighted and bouncing for more. As I got to half-way through “Dead Earth Syndicate”, I physically ran out of breath. I got more and more excited and I envisioned myself sitting in a chair, in the centre of my front room. watching these guys on stage.

So, I am a tad torn between my favourite tracks, just because there is some diverse playing throughout the entire album and not every track is the same. ‘Pariah’ and ‘Another Life’ would be the ones that really attenuate me. The level of music produced on this album is of a high standard, it is hard to believe that it’s just a studio project. In all fairness I feel these guys deserve more than that. Of course, as previously mentioned, it can be difficult with regards to logistics, but I would genuinely love to see them make the transition to a full live band.

This album is far more aggressive, and the intensity higher compared to their previous releases. Even the artwork on “Dead Earth Syndicate” is far better. You really do get a feel of ‘Mad Max’. To be honest, the timing couldn’t be more on point either.

Serenity Defiled have evolved my view of death metal in a positive light. They mix some thrash in, here and there, and have the awesome Tim Hinton slaughtering the drums! I mean this fella runs the whole sound, from my perspective. They have come a long way since the band ‘Fury’, and they are genuinely bloody cool.

This band have broken me, I am head frazzled, messy mayhem! All in this is amazing work guys. I am definitely looking forward to repairing my brain, but I cannot wait to see what Serenity Defiled come up with in the future.

01. Dead Earth Syndicate
02. Purified In Flame
03. Pariah
04. Blueprint In Suicide
05. Distorted Arts Of Disfigurement
06. Cleanse The Blood
07. Conjure The Darkness
08. Another Life
09. Contaminated
10. Into The Soil

Ricky Boon – Rhythm Guitars.
Tim Hinton – Drums
Lord Tim – Vocals, Lead Guitars.


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Hellfekted – Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood

Hellfekted – Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood
Release Date: 29/03/2020
Running Time: 39:32
Review by Tammy Lomax

I have a huge smile on my face and let me tell you why…Midlands, UK band HELLFEKTED that is why! They have recently self-released ‘Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood’ and it has been an absolute honour to review this album.

Now, these guys have only been on the scene the last year or so but that means absolutely nothing! Ha! I cannot say it enough, if you haven’t checked them out, please do, like right now because, if you are a fan of really disgusting blackened thrash metal, all your needs will be catered for. Hellfekted are the whole cake.

Right, let me calm my pants.

Opening this beautiful carnage is title track ‘Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood’ and it IS one of the best ways to open any album. As the sound of a tolling church bell dissolves you are hit with an evacuation alarm and, by all means, do evacuate everyone from the room, bar yourself. In come the industrial, rustic vocals and pow…Houston, Hellfekted have landed! They glide themselves in perfectly on this mid-pace stomper.

By this point, the smile on my face is obvious and says it all, I am eager, and I am squeaking.

Next track ‘Treachery’ is just a minuscule portion of what is about to come. Hellfekted have been meticulous about the placement of every single track on the album.

‘Tower Of Life’ is a mosh pit track for sure, even I would throw myself in. It is from this point that you realise Hellfekted are going to be strong in their game. There is such a deep doom feel before the main riff comes in, gradually getting faster! The chaos is imposing, and they seem to push themselves harder and harder as the track accelerates and becomes more brutal. My legs go like jelly when they really go for it towards the end.

Next is ‘Fractured’ and there literally is no gasping for air here. If you need a break, then maybe these guys aren’t for you. They hammer away persistently. Drummer Myles’ double kick drums meeting the bass of Chris is pure sex. It’s hot and on FIRE, banging and bursting and then they stop inviting you to assume the track is over over…never assume!

On these three tracks the bass guitar really bulges out of the speakers. It’s luscious, literally mouth-watering, you can hear every single pluck!

‘Stigma’ is my outright favourite track on here (although, it was a tough decision, because every track is delivered to the highest of standards). Dissolving due to the bass, it is an immaculate 6 minutes and 22 seconds of euphoria. It pulls you in and then flings you back out, like a sling shot, but in your face! After some butchery, there is more development, like the track has only just begun. There are three sections, each one progressing and getting more intense, it is fascinating mayhem!

‘Omen To The Antichrist’ Is a little slower paced than the others, but don’t assume this is a breather because it’s not. The guitar work and tempo of the drums is spot on, they build you up, eat you and then spit you out.

‘Fire at Will’ and ‘Archaic Demise’ are the final tracks on here. There is zero dip in talent, their sound and vocals are consistent throughout. Talking about the vocals, I have to say they are something extraordinary! Liam does an incredible job of liquifying your face.

My ears are completely blistered after listening to this and I have an even bigger smile on my face. Being honest, I have been keeping a sneaky eye on Hellfekted and will continue to do so. Make sure you have your Tena ladies on (even the men) because they will be needed.

Cheers guys.

01. Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood
02. Treachery
03. Tower Of Life
04. Fractured
05. Stigma
06. Omen Of The Antichrist
07. Fire At Will
08. Archaic Demise

Liam – Vocals, Guitars.
Chris – Back-Up Vocals/Bass
Myles – Drums


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Bombs Of Hades – Phantom Bell EP

Bombs Of Hades – Phantom Bell EP
Black Lodge Records
Release Date:17/04/2020
Running Time: 15:37
Review by Tammy Lomax

Hello everyone, I hope you all are keeping well during the on-going lockdown and hats off to our NHS. Amazing people.

I am incredibly lucky to have music to keep me occupied. Doesn’t mean I cannot share though, as sharing is caring after all. Let me introduce you to Swedish death metal band Bombs Of Hades and their four track EP “Phantom Bell” released on 17/04/2020.

Firstly, a little background.

Back in 2002 bass player Anders Ekman and Guitarist/vocalist Jonas Stålhammar would crank it up, letting off some steam in a rehearsal studio Influenced by Slayer, Autopsy, Entombed etc.

Countless beers later, some serious thoughts and discussions took place and they then approached Po Söderback and Magnus Forsburg. Now completely united, their discussions became actions and their dreams became a reality Their first E.P “Carnivores” was released by Blood Harvest Records in 2010 creating some buzz within the scene. After more successful years, three more albums, many EP’s and loads of gigs, Ekman departed and along came Roger Iderman who filled his place in 2016.

Now to new EP “Phantom Bell”. There may only be four tracks, but it is still really great! I can be greedy though! If my ears appreciate it then I always want more!

Just in my pants (it was a warm day!!), I submersed myself in my headphones, maxed out the volume and drifted off in my perfect music bubble. Throughout the EP you get some blinding guitar solos. They are rustic and original, slow, and sexy as hell and it takes me to a place of ecstasy. As I listened to the lyrics, they came alive. I found myself understanding and relating to them. Jonas Stålhammar’s vocals throughout are tight, in your face and destroy. I was really enjoying this. There was only one way forward from here …repeat play and repeat…

My favourite track here must be ‘Bridge Of Sighs’ although, if I am honest, it was quite a difficult choice as I love ‘Lungs’ too. I was lured in from the moment it started. They hit you hard, the repeated riff gets you rolling, sounding doomlike, all deep and cosmic. Then the vocals glide in with zero mess, matching and meeting the rhythm perfectly. It is juicy, weighty and your ears beg for more. POW! Then, that guitar solo…oh my days! When the final note hits, it’s a pinnacle for me! And now, I am a dribbling mess!! It is a complete release. #flushedtam!

The tracks on ‘Phantom Bell’ are so good, I just need more to satisfy me. As I said, I can be greedy. Bombs Of Hades, guys, this is excellent, and I cannot wait to see what else you deliver in the future. Do, more…lots more.

Keep safe everyone.

01 Phantom Bell
02 Bridge Of Sighs
03 Kamikaze
04 Lungs

Magnus Forsburg – Drums
Roger Iderman – Bass and Effects
Jonas Stålhammar – Guitars, Vocals and Mellotron
Po Söderback – Guitars


Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Tammy Lomax and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Vernon Of Persia – Ascend EP

Vernon Of Persia – Ascend EP
Release Date 10/01/2020
Running Time: 24:06
Review by Tammy Lomax

So, I did actually ask Mr. Editor to throw some random albums at me and one of the ones he selected was Vernon Of Persia. Well what can I say, Mr Editor knows me very well indeed!

Vernon Of Persia are a five-piece Progressive Metalcore band from San Antonio, TX. They began their journey in 2016 when two brothers, Tyler & Kalen Thomas came together with the other three members joining later that year and “Ascend” is their second release!

They are so far up my street they are hammering at my front door! I am more than welcoming, come in and join me for a cuppa. I feel all light and fluffy after listening to “Ascend”. These guys definitely give me my fix.

There is no mucking around with long introductions when ‘Weightless’ opens proceedings, just a massive wallop to the face, from the start, setting a standard of supreme talent. The only minor niggle for me is when second track ‘Ascend’ plays. There is a prolonged gap between ‘Weightless’ finishing and that starting and it’s similar at the end. A very long fade out? ‘Ascend’ is a belter of a track though so be assured it’s not detrimental toward the talent seeping through from Vernon Of Persia.

Throughout the entire six track EP there are some blinding choruses and bridge sections, it’s almost like there is a fight taking place between good and evil. I do appreciate clean singing if it’s done well and fits in the right place. Vernon Of Persia pin that particular trait down, completely.

For example, ‘Sea Of Trees’ (my favourite track on the EP), has a powerful and seemingly dominating riff but the vocals meet and over-take entirely, claiming complete territory. “Climb to the top of the mountain, reach the sky” go the lyrics! Yes, I am singing along, disregarding the fact I might sound like a cat getting strangled.

It really sounds like they are using some serious equipment and they sure know how to use it to their advantage! There is a tremendous amount of technique and skill cemented together here. It shines through, crystal clear. I visually see them playing in the sky to the entire world. Fan-bloody-tastic!

I had to listen to final track ‘Marc Of The Okubo’ a few times to understand its flow. At first, I felt they were trying to cram too much in, and it seemed a bit misplaced and off beat, But no, that’s not the case at all, it’s a case of opening up your ears! Keep up Tam!! There’s a belter of a bassline leading the whole track and powerful double kick drums do not go unnoticed. You can’t miss them, they are fast.

Vernon Of Persia are continually growing and have already played with some huge bands like As I Lay Dying, Within The Ruins, Suicide Silence etc…and the more they experience, the more they will grow. They have released a REALLY good EP here. All the tracks are far more advanced than on their previous EP “Relativity Of” (which I also listened to) It’s full of flavour, you have super-hot, spicy and sweet …it tastes marvellous with the right amount of mixture, texture and technique, thus it does not spoil. 😉

Thank you for letting me review these guys Mr Editor and good luck to Vernon Of Persia!

01 Weightless
02 Ascend
03 All Through My Veins
04 Inner Sleep
05 Sea Of Trees
06 Marc Of The Okubo

Tyler Thomas – Drums/Synth Producer/Back-up Vocals
Kalen Thomas – Guitar/Producer
Steven Giro – Bass/Producer
Anthony Narvarijo – Vocals/Lyrics
Jamie Vargas – Guitar/Producer


Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Tammy Lomax and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.