Bonded – Into Blackness 

Into Blackness Album Cover Art

Bonded – Into Blackness 
Century Media Records 
Release Date: 12/11/2021 
Running Time: 53:54 
Review by Victor Augusto 

How do I choose albums for review? What an intriguing question. Well, most of the time I pick an album by the genre I like to hear or that I understand enough to talk about. Most of them are Thrash and Death Metal bands. Sometimes, I try to change for something more to Grindcore or Classic Metal. This time, I asked for Bonded because I thought “A Thrash Metal band with Bonded as their name must be influenced by Exodus”. I am pretty sure that nobody cares about how I select the bands for review, but it was an interesting shot in the dark.  

Luckily, I found myself presented with an awesome band, but are they inspired by Exodus as I was expecting? Maybe yes. Is it their main influence? Maybe not. I confess that I still can’t decide even after hearing the album many times. My conclusion is that it is impossible to create a killer Thrash Metal album, full of insane riffs and fast and furious solos, without being associated to Exodus. So, this is my answer. Am I being confusing? Welcome to my strange way of thinking! After a few weeks listening to the album, I discovered the band were part of Sodom and it was a great surprise for me. By the way, thanks to DJ Jeanne E Thomas of Gimme Metal radio. Without her interview with Bonded, I would never know about this detail. 

But what really matters in their music is how they put many elements into a blender to give a special taste to their Thrash. It has A bit of Motorhead, also a bit of Classic Metal in a few melodies. And the Thrash elements carry a bit of German Thrash (Is Teutonic Thrash Metal that you call?) as well. 

Everything I mentioned is well diluted and mixed, but I still think the band is more Exodus oriented, musically. ‘Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night’ highlights the melodies I’ve mentioned and the cadenced ‘Destroy The Things I Love’ does the same for the Motorhead influences. 

Lyrically, the album has a concept taken from the book “The Division Of The Damned”, by Richard Rhys Jones. And the song with (almost) the same name, ‘Division Of The Damned’, has a show of riffs from Bernemann and Chris Tsitsis. There is some killer drum work from Markus Freiwald too, and he shows amazing versatility with changing tempos, and alternating between cadenced and brutal parts. Marc Hauschild had the hard work of not sounding hidden by all the heaviness, and Ingo Bajonczak does a great job on his vocal interpretation. It is impossible to not be reminded of Lemmy Kilmister’s voice on Ingo’s work. 

No matter what I thought about them. Even if everything I said about influences are wrong, there is one thing I am sure I am right about. If You love Thrash Metal which is brutal, but also brings good technique, you will love this album. It is a master class of furious solos, great riffs, well balanced melodies, and a music which totally brings excitement and energy for the listeners.

Watch (While The World Burns) – Official Video

01. The Arsonist  
02. Watch (While the World Burns)  
03. Lilith (Queen of Blood) 
04. The Holy Whore 
05. Division of the Damned 
06. Into the Blackness of a Wartime Night  
07. Destroy the Things I Love  
08. Final Stand  
09. Ill-Minded Freak  
10. Way of the Knife  
11. The Eyes of Madness  
12. Humanity on Sale (Bonus) 
13. Will to Survive (Bonus) 

Marc Hauschild – Bass 
Chris Tsitsis – Guitars 
Ingo Bajonczak – Vocals 
Markus Freiwald – Drums 
Bernemann – Guitars 


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NervoChaos – Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations)

Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations) Album Cover Art

NervoChaos – Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations)
Release Date: 19/11/2021
Running Time:37:39
Review by Victor Augusto

For passion, Not Fashion! Yes. This phrase, taken from one of the NervoChaos song, is perfect to describe what this band represents for the Brazilian Heavy Metal scene, and also worldwide! Hello again my friends and readers of my nonsense thoughts. Today, I am very honoured to have this legendary band to talk about. I am happy not only because of their importance for our scene, but also happy to be fortunate enough to have followed them for a pretty long time. Before I really starts to describe the phonographic material, I must describe a picture of the environment NervoChaos have grown from along their 25 years on the road.

If you think it is hard to keep a band active for so long time, you have no idea how hard it is to achieve it in Brazil. Especially for Death Metal bands. Many are the obstacles that NervoChaos have faced throughout these decades. Firstly, to record a good album, with this style, in the late nineties, was not an easy or a cheap task. The equipment they had to use when playing on tour and at the Heavy Metal venues (the underground ones) was awful (maybe still is). Roads in Brazil are terrible and dangerous so not good at all for a band in a van/bus travelling hours and hours between each city. And the country is also huge, which makes everything worse.

And that’s only the logistic! I am not considering all the other issues like dishonest promoters failing to pay the bands, and the daily living among members when you’re on an extended tour. Line-up changes are something that have tracked NervoChaos’ career. Each of the three NervoChaos concerts I’ve been to were with different line-ups. But even with this chaotic scenario, the band has never stopped. They are always releasing new albums and have been going on long tours around the world for many years. Put this success that the band has strived for and conquered, allied with a loyalty to their fans and for their music, and it’s easy to see how they survived and became so respected.

“But what about the album, Victor?”. Ok, let’s talk about it. Like the title suggests, we are in front of re-recorded songs from their first 4 albums, which were all originally released between 1998 and 2010, along with one bonus track from “The Art of Vengeance” (2014). Instead of just putting out a “best of” or a collection of albums, they decided to show what NervoChaos is nowadays, as a band. Following their pattern of album recordings, this one represents their attitude on stage. It is like a live album, but recorded in a studio. I felt it because it sounds like they have gone straight into the studio, and just plugged their instruments in and played. There aren’t so many studio tweaks like there would be with a new album, but it is still pretty good, clean and true to the music.

Musically I must mention a few elements that I consider NervoChaos trademarks. Even though Death Metal is the main style, there are few Thrash additions, like the beginning of ‘I Hate Your God’. I like the work on riffs, not too many complications or too much virtuosity, but keeping a good technique. The drum work is another positive aspect which holds things together, because Edu Lane (The only original member) plays in a good pace and changes the rhythms. A highlight for him is on ‘Upside Down Cross’, where he plays an amazing drum intro. The result of all this is you will always have brutal and aggressive music, but not over exacerbated in the way extreme bands use to do.

For me, as a fan who has followed them since 2012, it’s almost impossible to not go nuts hearing the classic track ‘Pazuzu is Here’. It makes me feel like I am seeing them on stage. By the way, it is the best thing on this album. It really does give the feeling of hearing them live! The closing track ‘The Devil’s Work’ shows how is possible to increase the satanic and blasphemous atmosphere just with guitars, bass, drums and a powerful vocal. 

25 insane years of underground persistence from a band who has never stopped playing brutal Metal all around the world! Line-up changes, members who passed away, discrimination in countries with strongly religious orientations, and many other battles they’ve fought; And no-one was able to keep them down. While NervoChaos haven’t released a book to tell every bit of history they lived (and I think they should), you can enjoy “Dug Up (Diabolical Reincarnations)” to get an idea of what NervoChaos are all about.


‘Pazuzu Is Here’ – Official Audio

01. I Hate Your God
02. Envy
03. Putrid Pleasures
04. Pazuzu Is Here
05. Mighty Justice
06. Upside Down Cross
07. The Urge to Feel Pain
08. Dark Chaotic Destruction
09. Nervochaos
10. Pure Hemp
11. Scavengers of the Underworld
12. Perish Slowly
13. The Devil’s Work

Brian Stone – Vocals
Luiz “Quinho” Parisi – Guitars
Wesley Johann – Guitars
Pedro Lemes – Bass
Edu Lane – Drums


NervoChaos Promo Pic

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Heretic – Feast

Feast Album Cover Art

Heretic – Feast
Soman Records/Tree House Records 
Release Date: 31/08/2021
Running Time: 56:44
Review by Victor Augusto
8.5 /10

Hello my friends! I hope you are all good and safe for this new year. Even though I wish to forget everything that happened in 2021 in my personal life, and pray for a better 2022 (at least a less bad one), I still have things to talk about from last year, and Heretic is one of them. I won’t repeat everything I mentioned about the band, because you can check it on my introduction of the “Entity” EP review, that I did here at Ever Metal previously. The only thing I will emphasize is the fact that I am hearing the 5th Heretic release in a space of 3 years. Keep this info in mind to understand what I want to tell you.

Basically, I can describe Heretic as a Heavy Metal band that has Oriental and Middle Eastern sounds very present in their music. It’s the band’s trademark, by the way. And how strong these elements are could change in each release. On the last EP, I felt a good balance between the guitar work and the Oriental music. I guess they kept it for this album. I believe the addition of keyboards is the new element, and I can hear that the band is giving a kind of space on the instrumentals for Erich Martins to work in a good atmosphere based on his vocals. You can hear it on the entire album, especially on the beautiful bonus track ‘Anno Mundi’ (Black Sabbath cover).

Guilherme Aguiar and Laysson Mesquita have worked together to create a ground or path, on guitar and bass, to add all the other elements over. Guilherme uses his inspirations from all the Death Metal bands he plays (or played) for to program the drums, adding a few very aggressive short blast beats, as you hear in the opening track ‘Sudden Awakening’, which has these fast beats after a smooth Sitar (I guess it is a Sitar) intro, and few guitar riffs among a cadenced rhythm. The good thing from it is how he’s kept the main essence of the band’s sonority despite this small addition.

By the way, talking about smooth cadences, this is something I noticed for this whole album. Maybe not only to fit the vocals, as I’ve already mentioned, but for an atmosphere for the instruments as well. ‘The Storm’, despite the title track suggesting chaotic music, shows this good and calm vibe. Again, there is a constant keyboard to increase this sense of peace that the sound is offering, even with the heavy riffs and a strong solo from Nym Rhosilir. 

The album also offers aggressive tracks like ‘Hiding Moon’, or brings more visibility to good and simple riffs in tracks like ‘Staring at Blazes’ and on the intro of ‘Powerless’. These last two mentioned songs even reminded me a bit of Gojira, in terms of guitar work. There are a few minor changes to sound throughout the album, such as the funky bass intro of ‘Sacred Sea’. ‘Whistleblower’ and the closing song ‘Reza’ look like they left the album pattern behind, though, offering something more brutal than the rest of the album. 

Now changing the subject from music to a small detail. I can say the year is new, but my insane thoughts about analyzing references are still old, and it’s getting worse every day! If you read my review of their last EP, I emphasized how they have an amazing sequence of material released in a short space of time. Basically, they had 5 albums in 3 years (two full albums, one cover album, one EP and a live album). It is like they are always hungry to compose and record material. Despite the number of releases, this is the first full album with new composition since 2019 and we have a lot of music here. The EP “Entity” was like an appetizer for this feast. Sorry if I’m talking just gibberish stuff, but it is how I see their ability to compose so much music.

By the way, what matters is the capability to create good and complex music like Heretic have been showing along the years – complex because it is hard to put together so many different musical genres in this way. I just have to congratulate this Brazilian/Portuguese band on the brilliance they keep offering to their fans! Amazing work.

‘The Storm’ – Official Video

01. Sudden Awakening 
02. The Storm 
03. Hiding Moon
04. Staring At Blazes
05. Tenderness
06. Sacred Sea 
07. Whistleblower 
08. Powerless 
09. Reza 
10. Anno Mundi (Bonus Track – Black Sabbath Cover)

Erich Martins – Vocals
Guilherme Aguiar – Guitars, Synths, Orchestration, Drum Programing, Sitar, Tabla, Baglama, Bouzouki, Esraj, Zourna, Shennai and Tampura
Laysson Mesquita – Fretless bass

Pete Mush – Keyboards on ‘Sudden Awakening’
Nym Rhosilir – Solo guitar on ‘The Storm’
Thiago Tsuruda – Solo guitar on ‘Tenderness’
Luis Maldonalle – Solo guitar on ‘Sacred Sea’, ‘Powerless’ and ‘Whistleblower’


Heretic Promo Pic

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1914 – Where Fear And Weapons Meet

Where Fear And Weapons Meet Album Cover Art

1914 – Where Fear And Weapons Meet
Napalm Records
Release Date: 22/10/2021
Running Time: 01:03:27

Review by Victor Augusto

In November of 2018, about 100 years after the end of WWI, I was inside an aircraft, crossing the ocean, travelling from Brazil to work for 5 days in Sweden, in something related to military training. During this long flight, I had a new album (at that time) from a band who had released it on exactly the same day as the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. Of course, I had absolutely no idea of all these details when I heard that album. The only thing I was assured of is that I had one of the best albums ever to review. 

1914! For me, they’re the best band to have appeared in the last 10 years. I dare myself to affirm another thing about them, but I will save my words for the end of this review. My special connection with the band was not only caused by my love for their music. My review of this 2018 release, “The Blind Leading the Blind”, was the review I showed to Ever Metal when I wished to be part of this team, and it worked! And now I am very happy that I get to review this latest album. So, let’s enter this journey of mass killing to understand (or try) this next masterpiece from these Ukrainian musicians.

First, it is historical. If you enjoy history full of details, here is your place. Calibers, hill codifications, and everything from this war are perfectly explained by 1914’s music. After ‘War In’* I could notice something symphonically on ‘FN .380 ACP#19074’ and again, if you like to know details, you will understand what I am talking about. The band commented about this track; “This track marks the beginning of the entire conflict – the assassination of Franz Ferdinand – the event that triggered the conflict that had been brewing for the last 10 years. The royal houses of Europe wanted this war, it was inevitable – technical progress, territorial claims and dissatisfaction of people led to this. And so, the Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo Princip fired the shots that launched the process. Two shots from a .380 ACP FN Model 1910 pistol numbered 19074, which changed the world forever, collapsed large empires and killed tens of millions of people.” (Information taken from the band’s official video of FN .380 ACP#19074).

Secondly, this is a narrative of suffering. If you realize that every song is a piece of history, you will also realize that these histories are being told from the perspective of those who lived there. As a consequence, the feeling passed on by the band’s music is pure suffering. The music offers a depressive and aggressive atmosphere whilst the vocalist Ditmar Kumarberg interprets all this pain. There are samples of military chatting and sounds of explosions or people screaming alongside the tracks, which increases this feeling. I believe ‘Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines)’** highlights what I just said, especially when Ditmar sounds like he’s gasping for air or suffocating when he is singing. It is like he is holding back tears after seeing all the mass killings described in this track.

Thirdly, it feels like there are biblical references. This third aspect maybe just my impression. Lyrically, there is nothing exactly biblical, just the telling history of many battles, killings, and pain. The previous album “The Blind Leading the Blind” has already had a huge biblical reference in its cover art. There, Death (The horseman) was leading the soldiers to the war, and consequently to their graves. If you’ve ever heard about a painting called The Blind Leading the Blind you will know that it is a parable to the Gospel of Matthew. For this album, the band said that the focus is not only death but the soldiers who survived, too. The cover art here has Death again, but like he is giving back the chance of living to a military man. The Symphonic elements in a few tracks also enforce my impression of the biblical nature here. I guess it could be related to the Seven Trumpets from the Book of Revelation. If we analyze a war with this dimension, maybe it is the Apocalypse from a different perspective.

The fourth aspect of this album is blind faith being as equal as blind nationalism/patriotism. If we are talking about biblical references, blind faith is present in many wars started because of religion, and it still happens. Is blind patriotism similar to blind faith? The lyric of the acoustic song ‘Coward’ starts with “My father said – son, your country needs you”. There are many references in 1914’s music to people who support the war caused by their love for their countries. This track has Sasha Boole singing with no heavy guitars or drums. It is like a Jethro Tull song, but narrating all those who died from a squad. At the end of this beautiful (musically) song, he repeats “My father said – son, your country needs you”.

So far, I mentioned four aspects I noticed about 1914. Musically, they still play brutal Death Metal or Blackened Death Metal. For this album, the mix has the punch of the guitars from Liam Fessen and Walter Wyhovsky a bit lower than before. Probably to open space for the new elements like the symphonic addition, but the heaviness is still extremely high. Rostislaw Potoplacht keeps playing very strong and fast on his drum. He also has Armin d’Harcourt complementing his work with an astonishing bass work. 

The essence of what they created on the past albums are still here even with these minor changes on their sonority. This time, the space was opened to many guests like Nick Holmes on ‘…And a Cross Now Marks His Place’. I feel that they are fitting their brutality to something accessible to Heavy Metal listeners. “Where Fear And Weapons Meet” is not completely Death Metal, nor Black Metal. Instead of being so extreme in only one genre, I get the impression that the band looked for a balance between Death, Black, and Symphonic/Melodic elements. The theme of real things also helps to create something more interesting, instead of just repeating all that dated stuff that most bands talk about.

It is almost impossible to describe all the details and history in this album without transforming this review into something as extended as the Old Testament from the bible. So, I do recommend you take the time to listen to the album and check the lyrics (available on streaming services). To make my “War out” of this review, I dare to affirm that 1914 are the most likely band to make a big break into the mainstream in the next 10 years. They are offering something brilliant and new. If they keep surprising their listeners and if they work with good professionals and labels, I know they will reach it. 

Вітаємо з виходом найкращого альбому 2021 року!

*’War In’ is the original of the most famous Serbian song of the Great War period, “Tamo Daleko”. Like World War I, the album begins in Serbia and continues on the first track from the perspective of Gavrilo Prinzip, who assassinated Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on June 28th, 1914 in Sarajevo and caused the outbreak of World War I.

** Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines) “This song describes the terrible events of the Battle of the Messines Ridge during June 7-14, 1917 in Belgium, one of the most insane episodes of the Great War. Subjects of the British crown and ANZACS dug huge tunnels under the German positions, packed them with hundreds of tons of explosives and blew them up. In one second, in just one moment about 10,000 people have died. They were simply torn to pieces. The human brain is always subject to non-trivial approaches to killing each other. The title of the track is a direct reference to the wonderful book by Jan Passingham – ‘Pillars of Fire: The Battle of the Messines Ridge’, also the movie ‘Beneath Hill 60’, and memories of the participants of this event. Some eyewitnesses described the scene as “pillars of fire”, although many also acknowledged this was indescribable.”

‘Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines)’ Official Video

01. War In
02. FN .380 ACP#19074
03. Vimy Ridge (In Memory of Filip Konowal)
04. Pillars of Fire (The Battle of Messines)
05. Don’t Tread on Me (Harlem Hellfighters)
06. Coward (feat. Sasha Boole)
07. …And a Cross Now Marks His Place (feat. Nick Holmes)
08. Corps d’autos-canons-mitrailleuses (A.C.M)
09. Mit Gott für König und Vaterland
10. The Green Fields of France
11. War Out

9. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 176, Hptm. Ditmar Kumarberg – Vocals
The 51st Highland Division, 1/9th Bn. 2Lt. Liam Fessen – Guitars
307th Infantry Regiment, Capt. Walter Wyhovsky – Guitars
Le 151e regiment d’infanterie, Cne. Armin d’Harcourt – Bass
K.K. Landwehr-Infanterieregiment Lemberg Nr.19, Obltn. Rostislaw Potoplacht – Drums


1914 Promo Pic (Credit May Lee)
Credit: May Lee

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Victor’s Top 10 Releases of 2021

Victor’s Top 10 Releases Of 2021
by Victor Augusto

It’s that time of year again, where we reminisce about the days gone by, and the music we have heard. Here are Victor’s picks of the best, along with some special mentions. Have a run through his countdown to find out what his number 1 album of the year is.

10 – Gojira – “Fortitude”

Gojira - Fortitude Cover Art

09 – Exodus – “Persona Non Grata”

Exodus – "Persona Non Grata" Album Cover Art

08 – Hate – “Rugia”

Hate – "Rugia" Album Cover Art

07 – Gravehuffer – “NecroEclosion”

Gravehuffer – "NecroEclosion" Album Cover Art

06 – Venomous – “Tribus”

Venomous – "Tribus" EP Cover Art

05 – Infrared – “From the Black Swamp”

Infrared - "From the Black Swamp" Album Cover Art

04 – Sepultura – “SepulQuarta”

Sepultura – "SepulQuarta" Album Cover Art

03 – The Crown – “Royal Destroyer”

The Crown - "Royal Destroyer" Album Cover Art

02 – At The Gates – “The Nightmare Of Being”

02 – At The Gates - "The Nightmare Of Being" Album Cover Art

01 – 1914 – “Where Fear And Weapons Meet”

Where Fear And Weapons Meet Album  Cover Art

Special mentions to:
Raphael Olmos – “Make Riff, Not War”
Crypta – “Echoes Of The Soul”
Nervosa – “Perpetual Chaos”

Read Victor’s reviews for some of these great albums here:

Disclaimer: This review is solely the property of Victor Augusto and Ever Metal. It is strictly forbidden to copy any part of this review, unless you have the strict permission of both parties. Failure to adhere to this will be treated as plagiarism and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Hate – Rugia

Rugia Album Cover Art

Hate – Rugia
Metal Blade Records
Release Date: 15/10/2021
Running Time: 35:54
Review by Victor Augusto

“Hey Victor. Are you having a quiet life? Yes, of course! 2021 is just slaughtering many friends and even my wife almost died after all issues with this hurricane called COVID-19. Let me not forget that I’m in the recovery process of this disease as well, but I can say that I am good. So, Victor. Why not review an old and legendary band? You know that it scares the hell out of you, but you have free time for it, right?” Ok, it was my own schizophrenic soliloquy when I was asked to review the new album from the Polish band, Hate. But, despite knowing how hard it could be, I decided to accept the challenge.

I feel the responsibility of expressing my thoughts about a very famous band. For some reasons, I clearly remember Hate’s sonority after listening to a few of their albums, when the band was about to arrive to play in Brasília (the city where I live in Brazil). I must confess that I am very aware of their long career, but I am not so familiar with their albums. But luckily, this new album is so brilliant, that it was not as hard as I imagined. To make this journey easier for you, readers, I will try to express myself as if I am listening to the first album of a band that I just discovered. I hope you enjoy it.

My first impression, which left me open-mouthed, was the clear organic production in the recording process. The arrangements, especially for the drums, are amazing. All instruments on the album pack a heavy punch. At the same time, it is not as digitalized as the extreme fast bands (which is good, because I hate this). The dark atmosphere comes around from Death Metal bands. Or maybe a mix of Black and Death Metal? I mean, more to the musicality, because the lyrical interpretation is something more personal. Everyone can understand different things from the same words.

The title track opens the album in a good cadence and it seems like just a warmup for the devastating song after, ‘The Wolf Queen’. What an exciting way to blast our ears. Moreover, the entire album goes on the same way of fast beats with changing tempos, good riffs, and a strong vocal work alongside. I think ‘Exiles of Pantheon’ is the most brutal of the whole album.

Now talking more about their Death Metal side. Most of the songs are fast and brutal, but they have an astonishing breaking of the rhythms, and this doesn’t let the music become too massive and tiring. In addition, the songs are short considering they have Black Metal as a reference. The longest track is ‘Velesian Guard’, which by the way, it is a very catching song with the best of heaviness, blast beats, and remarkable riffs.

This is a very linear album that Hate put their best into from the beginning to the end. I think this is the best aspect of “Rugia” for me. You can pick up any song at random, and you’ll still be able to understand the spirit of the album. To my surprise, even the closing track, ‘Sacred Dnieper’, is pretty heavy and aggressive without a break.

Versatility! This word defines “Rugia”, and probably defines Hate as well. A band who mixes an exciting Death Metal with elements from the dark side of Black Metal. At the same time, they offer amazing compositions, and a sound that is easy to hear and digest. But it’s not arrogant or overdone, and their experience furthers the presentation. But then, this isn’t a debut album from a young band; It’s their twelfth album, and they’ve been going 3 decades… and you can tell.

Hate – Exiles of Pantheon (OFFICIAL VIDEO):

01. Rugia
02. The Wolf Queen                                                                                                    
03. Exiles of Pantheon
04. Saturnus
05. Awakening the Gods Within
06. Resurgence
07. Velesian Guard
08. Sun of Extinction
09. Sacred Dnieper

ATF Sinner – Vocals, Guitars
Domin – Guitars
Nar-Sil – Drums
Tiermes – Bass


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Illusions of Grandeur – The Siren

The Siren Album Cover Art

Illusions of Grandeur – The Siren
Revulsion of Spirit Records/Universal Music Group
Release Date: 30/10/2021
Running Time: 54:16
Review by Victor Augusto

Hello readers of my nonsense thoughts! How have you been? Today I want to call myself ‘Victor – The Errant’. Why are you ‘The Errant’, Victor? The answer is nothing related to literature, but just to have a character that represents myself. A person who is always erring in my review intros, maybe even in the entire content! But I also wanted to be like the members of this amazing band, who each have a specific character. Before I start my major erring (otherwise known as my review), let’s talk with each other a bit (Victor and his schizophrenic mode turning on). It wasn’t so long ago that I heard Illusions of Grandeur for the first time, with their debut album “The Siren Saga”. I immediately became a fan and I was lucky to receive this birthday gift right after I discovered the band.

So, let me take you on a journey, to try to pass everything I felt or understood from this saga, and my impressions of the history that I am describing. Maybe it is not exactly what the band wanted to express, but that’s the beauty of music, and all the more reason for you to listen to the album.

My first impression of the first album was that the Siren, the main character interpreted by the vocalist Maggie, suffered metamorphosis when punished and became the siren. It delivered a feeling of anger, and described the deaths, mainly of the sailors, as she looked to find peace from all that hate. In this album, the second part, it more new fights, that include wolves, witches, and new tricks from a new battle. From what I understood from the lyrics, the Siren is being constantly challenged by many obstacles and always keeping her mind strong enough to survive it.

Musically there is a smooth change as well. “The Siren Saga” has calmer moments, like laments, maybe caused by the physiological metamorphosis, which the siren was passing though. Here, the aggressiveness is more present, that brings a dynamic of the battles the Siren fights. The spirit of the band has transitioned in the same way. They’re something akin to traditional Heavy Metal but with a lot of groove. This album is clearly heavier, though. The already mentioned groove is even stronger, alongside faster passages, and more excitement by all, create a heaviness even stronger than it was originally.

Ares – Ted Domzalski on the drums, worked harder to put in faster double bass work and good variations alongside the tracks. Executioner – Julian Yeager on guitars, offers amazing riffs and solos. I like how his solos are short but good, with an excellent solo in Take Me Alive’, where he could explore more than the other tracks.

The partners in crime Archangel Michael – CM Carroll on bass, and The Siren – Maggie Carlton on vocals, completes Illusion of Grandeur. CM puts a lot of feeling and understanding into the context needed in terms of compositions. Maggie interprets the themes and how she acts in her character incredibly. Her way of performing brought to mind how Ronnie James Dio used to be. It is not only a matter of having a good and aggressive voice. It is all the passion she puts into interpreting it. From the pleading vocal in ‘The Wolf’, to lamenting vocal inEverlasting Fire’ her work is terrific.

As I’ve said, this is an aggressive album, as we can hear on opening song ‘Crossing Over’. But there are few moments of calm, mainly on the second half of the album, like in the closing song ‘Falling’. There is a strong groove around the spirit of a classic metal band and that lets the sound be powerful. My impression is that the band also thought about the theatrical side as well. Take a look at the videos for this album. You can see the entire band are in character on it, and this concept is a good one for visual content. Why not do an entire video covering all songs, like a movie? It would be awesome.

By the way, please stop everything you are doing now, including reading this, and go and listen to the song ‘Prophet’ (or watch the video). This is the band’s best song in my humble opinion. I guarantee you’ll be crazy about this insane song. If you love it, return here to finish reading. If you don’t enjoy it, return here anyway! =)

Ok, let me stop my wandering review before it turns to something as extended as the Old Testament from the Bible. I will just say that I recommend you listen to this album with considerable attention. “The Siren” is full of emotions and adventures. It is also full of mature compositions and is very well interpreted by all musicians. It is like you are really being hypnotized by the Siren, singing to connect you with the band. They are, for sure, one of the best bands I’ve discovered recently!

‘The Prophet’ – Official Music Video

01. Crossing Over
02. The Wolf
03. Prophet
04. Upon My Life
05. Down
06. A Silence
07. We Ryse
08. Take Me Alive
09. Demons
10. The Storm
11. Everlasting Fire
12. Falling

The Siren – Maggie Carlton – Vocals
Archangel Michael – CM Carroll – Bass
Executioner – Julian Yeager – Guitar
Ares – Ted Domzalski – Drum


Illustions Of Grandeur promo pic

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Stheno – Wardance

Wardance Album Cover Art

Stheno – Wardance
7 Degrees Records/Chaos & Hell Productions
Release Date: 08/10/2021
Running Time: 24:12
Review By Victor Augusto

I don’t know the daily mood of those who listen to Heavy Metal and read the amazing Ever Metal reviews (except my reviews because all parents are afraid to have their kids scared by what I write), but my mind is a bit complicated to understand sometimes. Some say that I am the kind of person who must have an installation CD and manual together to understand how I work. I totally agree with them. One example of how confused I am could be illustrated when I pick up albums from different genres to review just because I am in a strange mood that day. Stheno was one of those victims on a day that I really wanted to whip myself. For sure, the mood doesn’t represent the band or the album.

What made me interested in their album was the description of them being a mix of Grindcore and Black Metal. Yes, I love Grindcore, despite the fact I don’t often review bands that play it. Nevertheless, I am not a huge fan of all Black Metal bands I hear. For my miserable luck, it is something between Extreme Noise Terror being played by Marduk. Guess what? I love those two bands, so I was relieved when I heard Stheno for this review.

The kick ass way the album opens withBestial Battalion’ was enough to make me enjoy the album. This brief song finishes ad the next ‘RPG’ starts. You will see this pattern for the entire 24 minutes of listening. Fast and short songs that suddenly finish without a breath and then another insane track kicks in, just as brutal as the song before. On every track, you get strong and fast riffs shot in your face at the speed of a bullet and the blast beats provide the same sensation. However, the main achievement is how the band combined this wall of music with heavy arrangements and still managed to get a crystal-clear sound from it.

It is very hard to describe them. Stheno provide short and extremely brutal songs for the listeners. Everything is extremely fast and almost too brief. The sudden way that all the songs finish, is impressive after all the demolition from the previous 2-3 minutes. Probably, it shows what they want to give to their fans. The sensation of a band that doesn’t care about anything.

Yes, this exact sensation. A band who doesn’t care about anything, but don’t confuse that with a band who has bad songs or lame compositions. No, it is quite the opposite. The fast riffs allied with incredible breakdowns on the drums, e.g., on the intro to Dishonored Bodybag’, shows how incredible they are. Maybe the best definition is how they are not chained to the musical industry patterns and just want to offer a killer set of fast and devastating songs!

Well, they certainly achieved that. “Wardance” is incredibly brutal, fast and brief. All songs have the same structure, but everything is hugely well recorded and played, which offers a paradox about the sensation for what to expect from a dirty Grind/Black crossover. Is it Grind? Yes, It is! Is it Black? Not so Black as Grind, but it still is! Is it good? Yes, it is extremely good, as it is brutal! So, please enjoy this short piece of violence from this Greek three-piece band!

“Wardance” (Full Album Audio)

01. Bestial Battalion
02. RPG
03. Deadly Camouflage
04. Fire!
05. Snake Eater
06. Zulu Time
07. Snafu (This time…we die!!)
08. Dishonored Bodybag
09. Military Discharge
10. Bite the Bullet
11. Bellum Internecinum

Leonidas D. – Guitars, Bass
Christian Chaco – Vocals
Vaggelis – Drums


Stheno Promo Pic

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Video Interview with PANDEMMY

 Pandemmy Logo

Video Interview with PANDEMMY
By Victor Augusto

Hello Everyone, It’s Victor!

I’m incredibly pleased to share with you my recent interview with Pedro Valença and Guilherme Silva, from the Brazilian Death Metal band Pandemmy!

We discussed, in depth, their last album “Subversive Need” which explores subjects like Racism, Politics and Xenophobia. Of course, we also talked about their musical evolution.

I hope you all enjoy the interview.

PANDEMMY Video Interview by Victor Augusto

Video Edit by Victor Augusto
Live videos of ‘Webchaos’ and ‘Deforestation’ by Pandemmy


“Subversive Need” (Full Album)

Original Review of “Subversive Need”

Previous EMQ’s Interview with Pandemmy

Pandemmy Promo Pic

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Granada – Sistema Nervioso EP

Sistema Nervioso EP Cover Art

Granada – Sistema Nervioso EP
Release Date: 20/07/2021
Running Time: 18:56
Review by Victor Augusto

Mis hermanos del Granada! Excuse my bad Spanish calling my friends as brothers. It is what I like to call these amazing guys from this killer Thrash Metal band from Argentina. Once again, they are one more incredible example of how music can connect people from all around the world, no matter their culture or how far they live from you. As a South American citizen, it is even easier for me to feel connected to everything the band want to express in their music, because we share the same anger and the same feeling after decades seeing our beautiful countries, full of cultural richness, being devastated by misfortune and chaos.

Their previous EP “Amarre” really touched me with the dense subject around the music and the lyrics. I felt that release was so phenomenal that we even did a video interview, here at Ever Metal, to understand more about what they wanted to express. Now, we have another EP full of anger. As the title suggests passion and anger are still key (Nervous system is the title in English that could be related to the human body but also about a political system that kills thousands of people with all its bad management), but things have changed a bit on this EP. The band have returned to a cleaner record production and now they have a bass player. The sound overall is still Thrash Metal with strong Hardcore/Crust influences, but the spirit of the release shows more criticism to politics with the lyrics rather than the sonority.

They still offer a thunderous punch to the face, not only with their heavy music, but also how they manage to open our eyes to see all the issues that surround us. The main change, for me, is that they do not sound as dark as on the previous EP, because they are not so focused on personal problems that hit families, within their homes, but the problems we deal with in a more overall way. At least, I guess, that this is the main change. “Amarre” is still my favorite Granada release, but the sound that you will hear from the band on this EP is, for sure, more representative of their identity.

‘Teatro de Sangre’ opens proceedings with all the pure Thrash Metal you could ask for. Fast and straight in your face. It is cool how Marcos Edwards puts some new elements, like his interesting double kicks, onto his versatile way of playing the drums. New guitarist Lucas Simcic offers amazing solos that are very well structured for the songs. Marcos Colombi makes the sound even heavier with his work on bass and brings new ideas as the intro of ‘Tiempo Muerto’ shows. By the way, this song shows how singer/guitarist Guille Estévez is exploring more clean and melodic vocal lines for this EP.

‘Los Celos del Fantasma’ also brings something heavier, even with some Classic Heavy Metal elements, but ‘En Nombre de Los Condenados’ rescues the Punk Rock/Hardcore/Crust spirit of the band. This spirit is also present on ‘Enterrate, Eliminarte, Renovarte’ until the amazing version of ‘Dig Up Her Bones’ which is a bit heavier than the original track from Misfits.

My final impression is that Granada has found the perfect match between Thrash and Crust/Hardcore influences. Maybe you will listen and have a completely different vision of what I felt, and I am happy with that. This is the magic of music and I love to see everyone’s different reactions. However, there are two things that I can assure for you. You will always have something new with each Granada release and you will always have compositions that come with strong feelings and from the heart. Maybe this is the reason that I am such a huge fan of these guys!

Aguante Granada!

“Sistema Nervioso” (Full EP Visualiser)

01. Teatro de Sangre
02. Tiempo Muerto
03. Los Celos del Fantasma
04. En Nombre de Los Condenados
05. Enterrate, Eliminarte, Renovarte
06. Dig Up Her Bones (Misfits Cover)

Guille Estévez – Vocals, Guitars
Marcos Edwards – Drums
Lucas Simcic – Guitars
Marcos Colombi – Bass


Granada 2021 Promo Pic

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