Blood Moon Hysteria – My Sacrifice EP

My Sacrifice EP Cover

Blood Moon Hysteria – My Sacrifice E.P
Wormholedeath Records
Release Date: 13/04/2018
Running Time 22.03
Reviewed by Tsarina Wilson

Blood Moon Hysteria are a Norwegian band, founded in 2015 and consist of Runar Beyond (music and lyrics) and Fredrik S.

This E.P is very atmospheric in music but very dark and gritty in vocals with Runar’s impressive gravelly voice. With just 4 tracks, you would be forgiven for thinking you were going to get some run of the mill tracks but this is truly a dark and melancholy set of songs.

The acoustic guitar playing is quite haunting at times and the riffs are enough to give you goose bumps, yet somehow they manage to gel with the fuzzy vocals and everything just seems to work. The spoken part is very dark and, although the words are difficult to understand, it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. It’s gritty and powerful, almost a throw-back to 90’s black metal.

The band focus on electric guitars, deep bass, eerie mellotron, which separately are good but mixed together are very explosive, and the synths are very clean to listen to. The tracks start slowly, build you up and then take you back down again.


My Sacrifice
Towards the Abyss
Deception Part 2



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Apparition – The Awakening

The Awakening Cover

Apparition-The Awakening (2018)
WormholeDeath Records
Running Time 52.55
Release Date 02/02/2018
Reviewer Tsarina Wilson

Apparition are a band from the UK and their music is a mix of so many things. It’s rock, it’s operatic, it’s haunting but one thing it is, is brilliant.

This metal rock band formed in 1997 and David Homer (Bass) first started the band as a female voice project. In 2014 there was the addition of guitarist Amy Lewis and drummer Ashley Guest, also of Benediction and Besieged, followed by returning vocalist Fiona Creaby, also of Fallen Arise, who reunited with the band after 5 years away.

They began writing the material for The Awakening to follow on from various studio projects, including Drowned in Questions (2006), their previous successful EP The Salvation, which was released in 2008, and For Vengeance and For Love (2011).

They have travelled all over the UK and Europe as support band for well-known acts such as Septic, Revamp, The Agonist, Delain, and have appeared at festivals such as The Dames of Darkness festival (UK), Metal Over Malta (Malta) and the Kraken Festival (Belgium)

The 2011 album “For Vengeance and For Love” was well received and it was David’s idea was to record, mix, and master it all at Hertz Studio in Bialystok in Poland, with the well-known Wielawski Bros who have also worked with Hate, Vader, and The Foreshadowing, to name a few.

In 2015, guitarist Paul “Kull” Culley joined the band as co-writer, alongside David and Fiona. With mixing and mastering completed in 2016, planning the release became priority in 2017, when Apparition signed to WormHole Death Records (Italy). This coincided with 20 years of Apparition history and the release was due for early 2018.

Arranged and produced by Fiona and Kull, this album is just brilliant. The first track, The Awakening, being an instrumental, gives the listener a false sense of security, making you think it’s an ok opening for a great film track, then, boom, takes you straight into track two, Hold Back the Night and you certainly know you’re in for something special. The vocals are crisp and spine chilling, with drumming that will almost have you out of breath, and the guitar riffs are truly amazing. The songs take you on a ride of emotions, bringing you up, then calming you down, speaking of love, passion and loss but they are energetically put together and there is a great passion in the vocals.

The lineup of Ashley Guest (Drums), Fiona Creaby (Vocals), David Homer (Bass), Amy Lewis (guitars) Paul “Kull” Culley (guitars/sequencing) works so well together.

I love the artwork on the cover. After all, they say that the eye is the window to the soul and this band certainly gets to your soul. It doesn’t matter where you listen to this, it will give you goosebumps.

Track 8 “Home” is my favorite, as you can just close your eyes and melt away into it, making you grateful for what you have. Fiona’s voice is so gentle yet so strong, and the range of her vocals is out of this world. Although the tracks vary from soft and gentle to more rockier ones, the clarity of the vocals is never lost. The guitar riffs are wow, Ashley on drums is brilliant and the whole package just works so well together.

One thing I will say is you won’t get bored of listening to this album. It just keeps giving.

This album will very much be one I’ll be playing over and over.



  • 1-The Awakening (intro)
  • 2-Hold Back the Night
  • 3-The Ames Of Darkness
  • 4-The Other Side
  • 5-Reasonance
  • 6-The Night an Angel Died
  • 7-Eternity
  • 8-Home
  • 9-Break the Chains
  • 10-Our Story Lives On
  • 11-Twilight
  • 12-As Shadows Play




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Worhol – The Awakening

Worhol - The Awakening

Worhol – ‘The Awakening’

Running Time 37:56

Released on 10-03-2017 via Imminence Records / WormHoleDeath

9/10 – Review by Tsarina Wilson

“The Awakening” is the debut album from Texan symphonic metal / rock band Worhol.  If the name sounds familiar that’s because guitarist / pianist / composer Larry Worhol and his daughter, vocalist / pianist / composer Ashley are related to pop art icon Andy Warhol and wanted the family name to be the band name. Larry and Ashley are both very passionate about the music they love, have music degrees and a love of classical music, which is why they decided to form this band along with bassist / visual artist Craig Malinowski and drummer Marty Naul to realise their vision. They have been together since 2013 and have gradually been writing new music and touring, releasing a music video which received much interest. After signing a record deal with Imminence Records and a publishing deal with WormHoleDeath they are now ready to unleash their first album … and what an album it is!

“The Awakening” is one of those albums that, once you’ve listened to it, you have to keep going back to it! I say that because I’ve found myself drowning in Ashley’s vocals!

“Time To Say Goodbye” is my favourite track on the album, full of haunting vocals and lyrics, the whole album is full of twists, turns and musical variation and just when you think you have heard a good track, boom! The next one is equally as punchy!

You can air guitar to the solos in your head and you get lost in another world listening to them. There are very few female singers in this genre who will give you goose bumps but Ashley definitely does this to me throughout the course of the album, it’s so powerful without being overpowering, yet in the background orchestral hints keep you listening throughout without it ever becoming boring.

I could easily see Worhol being sought after by film makers for soundtrack music, with the powerful vocals and intense music this album has, it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Guitars in track seven, “We, The Abused” are amazing … they build you up, drop you then pick you up again!

Ashley’s voice is so hypnotic yet so classical and with the background music and orchestral arrangements, you can’t help but listen to every second of the “The Awakening” in case you miss something. It truly keeps you listening and I can only imagine and can’t wait to see what Worhol would be like in concert, they would keep crowds riveted and I for one would be there to see them!

“The Awakening” is a fabulous debut album and it’s been a thrill to have this as my first ever review!


Track List –

  • Voices From Above
  • Bowing Before You
  • Time To Say Goodbye
  • Already Forgotten
  • Rage And Revenge
  • In This Town
  • We, The Abused
  • Jurisdiction
  • Is This What’s Left Of Me

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