The Team

Richard Tilley – Editor / Reviewer


Hi There,

I’m immensely happy to welcome you to the Ever Metal Website!

My name is Rick and I’m very much hoping that a few of you will recognise me from writing music reviews for various online sites over the last 4-5 years.

I have been a lifelong member of this thing we call ‘The Metal Community’. I’ve always had a passion for music but from the age of 13, when I was first introduced to Saxon (my favourite band), AC/DC and Mahogany Rush I have been consumed by my love for hard rock and metal and I will do so until my dying day!

In 2012, after a long bout of ill health another good friend, who many of you will know from his continuing excellent work in the metal world, suggested that, as I had a good knowledge of the music, I should try having a go at writing to alleviate some of the boredom I was experiencing and to give me some purpose. Thanks to him I’ve not looked back and have now written over six hundred reviews, covered gigs and festivals and interviewed quite a few bands!

I also played drums for over 30 years in several hard rock and metal bands and played many venues in and around London, including The Marquee Club when it was situated in Charing Cross Road. I continued to play in Lincolnshire for six years when I moved there. Due to my health I’m not able to do that anymore but what it has done is give me an insight into life on the road as well as just being a fan of the music which helps a lot when writing!

I listen to a wide variety of rock and metal genres and love pretty much everything from IQ and Marillion through to Nile and Revocation. To be fair I’m not keen on the word ‘genre’, as far as I’m concerned it’s rock and metal and music is music, although I do seem to favour classic, power and thrash metal as well as melodic rock and AOR. You should never be scared to like something just because it might not be what you are used to listening to. As proof of that I’m also a fan of classical music, swing and musical theatre.

Whilst I love reviewing the big names, what really lights my fire is finding out about new, unsigned and independent bands and artists and giving them a voice, something that a majority of larger websites and magazines don’t do these days. That’s one of the main reasons Ever Metal started. What you’ll also get from me is honesty and constructive criticism. I won’t pander or gush over a band to get in anyone’s good books. Any review should be personal opinion about how the music makes you feel! I also, hopefully, like to inject a little humour into proceedings but before I waffle on too much and bore you all to tears I’ll now shut up and let you explore the site!



Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King – Editor / Reviewer / Interviewer


Hi and welcome to Ever Metal!

Some of you may recognize me as The Metal Priestess from my radio dj’ing days but since I hung up my headphones over a year ago now, I needed something to fill the void. That’s when I had the brainwave of combining two things that I love, writing and music.

It was Rick who convinced me to give reviewing a go and, although I was skeptical at first, believing that I couldn’t possibly write anything that anyone would want to read, I found I was actually ok at it.

Starting this site with Rick has given me the opportunity to get my thoughts on albums, EP’s, live gigs etc out to the masses, and also the chance to work with some very talented writers.

I’ve been writing literally ever since I could hold a pen and have been a fan of the rock and metal scene since I first heard the Flash Gordon soundtrack at the ripe old age of 3!!

I hope you enjoy what we are trying to do here at Ever Metal and if we can turn you on a new band that you might not have thought to listen to, then we have done our job!!

Dawn xx

Beth Jones – Reviewer / Interviewer/ Photographer


With a background in Performing Arts and a love of both playing and listening to music from a very early age, especially live performance, I first discovered the metal and rock scene at the age of 13, when I listened to a battered vinyl of Queen ‘Greatest Hits’ at my best friend’s house. Fast Forward 24 years and, after a ten year hiatus in the noughties, I rediscovered my love of all things rock and metal when I moved back to Wales in 2010. I have always had a lot to say about it (well about most things to be honest!) but have never done anything about it. I have also always loved writing and, after meeting Rick in 2015, I realised that there was a frustrated writer inside me just looking for a way to get out. So here we are today – I have decided to take the plunge and write about what I really love – the euphoric feeling when you step over the threshold of a venue and feel the electric excitement in the air, and are swept up in the passion of the gathered fans ready to watch their idols shred it on stage. I also love meeting people so will be aiming to interview anyone and everyone willing to talk to me! I am really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to work alongside the Ever Metal team. Strap me in, and let’s get this started!


Tsarina Wilson- Reviewer / Interviewer

Tsarina pic Ever Metal

Hi, I’m Tsarina.

I’m a crazy hard working lady who loves music and life, when not working I spend my time trying to get out to see new and local bands, my motto for life is live it or lose it!

Charlotte “Lotty” Whittingham – Reviewer / Interviewer


Hello guys!

My name is Lotty and I have writing about music for nearly 8 years now. My music journo career started when I decided to combine my love for music and writing about it into one enjoyable feat, I first started a blog and wrote about albums I had bought. It grew when record labels started messaging me to review their band’s material. Fast forward to the present; I have written articles for a number of publications, interviewed bands/artists that I only ever dreamed of meeting years ago and been able to experience the newest sounds. Raising a band’s profile is my number one priority and understand the difference a write up about them can make to a band.

I have a huge passion for music and the power it has. It can help you remember the great times when you are down, bring people together and it can bring out all sorts of emotions when you least expect it. My music palette is wide, I listen to a varied range of artists from Enya to Emperor.

I already contribute to Distorted Sound Magazine and my own blog. When I am not doing that, I am full time administrator for a recruitment company. My other interests include films, baking/cooking, swimming, walking and spending time with my loved ones, including my other half.

I look forward to being part of the team here and expanding my writing horizons further.

Alun Jones – Album and Live Gigs Reviewer


Music is a huge part of my life, and has been for a very long time. I listen to a wide variety of musical genres, or at least try to. In reality, it’s all about Rock, Metal and Punk in all their glorious, diverse forms. Besides listening to music and going to gigs, I enjoy collecting vinyl, watching low quality horror B-movies, beer and being a Dad. Despite being well into my forties, I am still obsessed with riding skateboards, which I do badly. I hate roast dinners, football and rain.

Stephen Moss – Live Gig Reviewer, Album Reviewer & Photographer

Stephen Photo

“Music cures things medicine can not”

Hi, I’m Stephen Moss. Since 2010 I’ve had my own mobile body shop business. I’m also married and a father of two kids. My two biggest passions are music and photography. I play drums and I’m also a student at the New York Institute of Photography. I love punk, grunge, Emo, hard rock, Bollywood, oldies like 50’s music, and metal. I have over 35,000 songs and over 1,000 music videos on my phone via Apple Music. So, chances are I have music you like. I hope to open up my own music venue in the NYC area one day.

Music is extremely important to me because there were times when I was a kid that I was homeless and didn’t have many healthy things to turn to as a release. Music helped me get past some very dark times in my life. Now I hope I can share reviews and photos of bands that I feel have amazing music. My desire is to share with you bands with deep meaningful songs and maybe you too can be healed by the power of music.

Mark Pritchard – Reviewer


Hello There,

My name is Mark Pritchard, from a young age I have had mental health problems, where at the age of 22 I was told by a psychiatrist that I couldn’t work, before I was given an opportunity to do reviewing. I believe some may know me already, although most won’t have, but from around 2013/2014 to 2017 I wrote for the website where I was one of the main reviewers! After 2017 I went off the radar due health problems, amongst other things, but I am back and doing the thing I enjoy and love. Ever since I was born I have enjoyed listening to Rock/Metal and the three main bands I was brought up listening to were Guns & Roses, ZZ Top and Meat Loaf which I still listen to today. My favourite band is Finnish band H.I.M. and if it weren’t for music I don’t know where I would be now.

Metal Forever \m/ L \m/

3 thoughts on “The Team”

  1. You guys and gals are wonderful at Ever Metal
    I am blessed to have your attention and very happy to be a part in what you do! Legion is very pleased with your review and I thank you very much!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are wonderful at Ever Metal “Dawn and Richard”
    I am blessed to have your attention and very happy to be a part in what you do! Legion is very pleased with your review and I thank you very much!

    Liked by 1 person

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