Meet The Team

Dawn “The Metal Priestess” King – Editor / Reviewer


Hi there and a big welcome to Ever Metal.

You may recognize me as The Metal Priestess from Facebook and Twitter from my days as a radio DJ at various internet based stations and although I hung my earphones a few months ago, I will continue to use that name as that is who I identify with now.

I have been a rock and metal head ever since I heard the Flash Gordon soundtrack at the age of three or four and, although my tastes have changed over the years, metal music is who I am. You know what they say, heavy metal isn’t just music, its a way of life….and I bloody love the heavy metal way of life!

So, how did I get into writing reviews? Well, that’s quite simple really. I love metal music and I love writing. It seemed the obvious step to combine the two and write about what I love. Words and music are my passions, without them I wouldn’t be who I am. It was also my good friend Rick who suggested I give reviewing a try. I have nowhere near the same experience as he does (he’s even written a longer bio than me!) but I think by us working together, you will get constructive and honest opinions on a wide range of metal music.

Enjoy the site and, by all means, leave us feedback.

We are just two friends wanting to get the music out to as many people as we can and if we turn one new listener onto a new band then we have done our job!

Dawn xx

Richard Tilley – Editor / Reviewer


Hi There,

I’m immensely happy to welcome you to the Ever Metal Website!

My name is Rick and I’m very much hoping that a few of you will recognise me from writing music reviews for various online sites over the last 4-5 years.

Much like my very good friend ‘The Metal Priestess,’ or as I know her ‘It’…sorry Dawn, I have been a lifelong member of this thing we call ‘The Metal Community’. I’ve always had a passion for music but from the age of 13, when I was first introduced to Saxon (my favourite band), AC/DC and Mahogany Rush I have been consumed by my love for Hard Rock and Metal and I will do so until my dying day!

In 2012, after a long bout of ill health another good friend, who many of you will know from his continuing excellent work in the Metal world, suggested that, as I had a good knowledge of the music, I should try having a go at writing to alleviate some of the boredom I was experiencing and to give me some purpose. Thanks to him I’ve not looked back and have now written over six hundred reviews, covered gigs and festivals and interviewed quite a few bands!

I also played drums for over 30 years in several Hard Rock and Metal bands and played many venues in and around London, including The Marquee Club when it was situated in Charing Cross Road. I continued to play in Lincolnshire for 6 years when I moved there. Due to my health I’m not able to do that anymore but what it has done is give me an insight into life on the road as well as just being a fan of the music which helps a lot when writing!

I listen to a wide variety of Rock and Metal genres and love pretty much everything from IQ and Marillion through to Nile and Revocation. To be fair I’m not keen on the word ‘genre’, as far as I’m concerned it’s Rock and Metal and music is music, although I do seem to favour Classic, Power and Thrash Metal as well as Melodic Rock and AOR. You should never be scared to like something just because it might not be what you are used to listening to. As proof of that I’m also a fan of Classical music, Swing and Musical Theatre.

Whilst I love reviewing the big names what really lights my fire is finding out about new, unsigned and independent bands and artists and giving them a voice, something that a majority of larger websites and magazines don’t do these days. That’s one of the reasons Dawn and I have teamed up for this site. What you’ll also get from me is honesty and constructive criticism. I won’t pander or gush over a band to get in anyone’s good books. Any review should be personal opinion about how the music makes you feel!

I also, hopefully, like to inject a little humour into proceedings so before I waffle on too much and bore you all to tears I’ll just make it abundantly clear that Dawn is the good looking one in this partnership (she’s actually the intelligent one as well) and you’ll just have to make do with my mug shot and my words!





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