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Dawn King – Editor / Reviewer / Interviewer


Hi and welcome to Ever Metal!

Some of you may recognize me as The Metal Priestess from my radio dj’ing days but since I hung up my headphones over a year ago now, I needed something to fill the void. That’s when I had the brainwave of combining two things that I love, writing and music.

It was Rick who convinced me to give reviewing a go and, although I was skeptical at first, believing that I couldn’t possibly write anything that anyone would want to read, I found I was actually ok at it.

Starting this site with Rick has given me the opportunity to get my thoughts on albums, EP’s, live gigs etc out to the masses, and also the chance to work with some very talented writers.

I’ve been writing literally ever since I could hold a pen and have been a fan of the rock and metal scene since I first heard the Flash Gordon soundtrack at the ripe old age of 3!!

I hope you enjoy what we are trying to do here at Ever Metal and if we can turn you on a new band that you might not have thought to listen to, then we have done our job!!

Dawn xx

Cliff Scowen – Editor / Reviewer / Interviewer


Old school, young at heart, tattooed rocker/metal head, my uncle took me to my first concert, Queen on Xmas Eve ‘75 and then Kiss in ‘76 and it was thanks to him I was hooked, huge Kiss/Maiden/Metallica/Slayer/Cannibal Corpse fan, love all types of music from different ends of the spectrum from Glam/Hair metal to Thrash/Death metal and everything in between, all stuff to do with ghosts n ghoulish things that go bump in the night and I’m up for a curry and a beer anytime.

Album reviewer and cameraman for Metal Gods TV 2012- present,
Album/gig reviewer for Metal Devastation Radio 2015- present,
Album reviewer for Ever Metal 2019- present

Tsarina Wilson- Reviewer / Interviewer

Tsarina pic Ever Metal

Hi, I’m Tsarina.

I’m a crazy hard working lady who loves music and life, when not working I spend my time trying to get out to see new and local bands, my motto for life is live it or lose it!

Charlotte “Lotty” Whittingham – Reviewer / Interviewer


Hello guys!

My name is Lotty and I have writing about music for nearly 8 years now. My music journo career started when I decided to combine my love for music and writing about it into one enjoyable feat, I first started a blog and wrote about albums I had bought. It grew when record labels started messaging me to review their band’s material. Fast forward to the present; I have written articles for a number of publications, interviewed bands/artists that I only ever dreamed of meeting years ago and been able to experience the newest sounds. Raising a band’s profile is my number one priority and understand the difference a write up about them can make to a band.

I have a huge passion for music and the power it has. It can help you remember the great times when you are down, bring people together and it can bring out all sorts of emotions when you least expect it. My music palette is wide, I listen to a varied range of artists from Enya to Emperor.

I already contribute to Distorted Sound Magazine and my own blog. When I am not doing that, I am full time administrator for a recruitment company. My other interests include films, baking/cooking, swimming, walking and spending time with my loved ones, including my other half.

I look forward to being part of the team here and expanding my writing horizons further.

Alun Jones – Album and Live Gigs Reviewer


Music is a huge part of my life, and has been for a very long time. I listen to a wide variety of musical genres, or at least try to. In reality, it’s all about Rock, Metal and Punk in all their glorious, diverse forms. Besides listening to music and going to gigs, I enjoy collecting vinyl, watching low quality horror B-movies, beer and being a Dad. Despite being well into my forties, I am still obsessed with riding skateboards, which I do badly. I hate roast dinners, football and rain.

Victor Augusto – Reviewer / Artist Liaison Brazil


Hello Everyone
I am Victor Augusto, from Brazil. Since I listened to Heavy Metal for the first time, in 1994, when I was just 10 years old, I felt that music is part of my life and it forged a path to keep myself strong. After moving to other cities, I came back to the city where I was born to work in the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller in 2007 and I could live the underground metal scene and support young and unknown bands here. After many years just going to the concerts and buying merchandise, I started to write albums and concert reviews in 2017 and I also started to send the band’s music to American and European Radio. I became friends with all those people and I discovered a true family. It is like being a new member from each group I work with.

After two years writing reviews, I realized that I need to change the way I was reviewing, so I decided to leave ‘Metal na Lata’ (a huge Brazilian site that was the first site I wrote for) and now I keep my focus just on bands that really work to be professional. I moved to Radio Rock Nation, that is half Brazilian and half Chilean. There, I can explore and go deeper with names that deserve a careful review. I felt that I could do better work out of Brazil too. I did a few reviews for the American Radio That Metal Station where I have a good partnership with DJ Sara McIntosh, from ‘Sare’s Invasion’, and that was the first person to ask me to write reviews in English. She also told me about Ever Metal and first I became fan of the work I saw here. I used to read the reviews to learn how to write well in a language that I am not fluent in.

After some time practicing to write and after some beer, I decided to contact Ever Metal and I asked if I could join the team. To my surprise, they answered me quickly and now I am a part of this team full of lovely people. More than just having ways to support underground bands from all around world, I found a new reason to stay strong.

Everything I do is just for love and passion about music. I have the best payment in the world and that is gratitude.

Thanks Ever Metal for being a part of this great family and thanks to all friends and partners that are with us for the same reason!

Mark Pritchard – Reviewer


Hello There,

My name is Mark Pritchard, from a young age I have had mental health problems, where at the age of 22 I was told by a psychiatrist that I couldn’t work, before I was given an opportunity to do reviewing. I believe some may know me already, although most won’t have, but from around 2013/2014 to 2017 I wrote for the website where I was one of the main reviewers! After 2017 I went off the radar due health problems, amongst other things, but I am back and doing the thing I enjoy and love. Ever since I was born I have enjoyed listening to Rock/Metal and the three main bands I was brought up listening to were Guns & Roses, ZZ Top and Meat Loaf which I still listen to today. My favourite band is Finnish band H.I.M. and if it weren’t for music I don’t know where I would be now.

Metal Forever \m/ L \m/

Sheri Bicheno – Artist Liaison/Reviewer

Sheri Pic

Hey guys and girls!
My name is Sheri (AKA SheriHellsBells).
I have been floating around in the music scene for the last 10 years – starting out by helping artists and bands with various tasks. I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and have a huge passion for the music scene.
I went from doing some bits and pieces for Underground metal bands to then getting more involved behind the scenes with music videos, album cover work, merchandise sourcing and designs, festival applications, helping bands on tour on the road, helping with online social media managing and promotional posts and hosting/helping to promote their gigs, most notably with bands such as Meta-Stasis and Courtesans.
In 2015 I was taken on at Mammothfest as the Marketing Director. Here, my roles were to help source sponsorship and endorsers, help create reach for Mammothfest by networking the brand through online media and physical promotion, managing the annual magazine, taking part in bookings, interviewing some of the bands and feature write ups. Plus sourcing and arranging Trader stalls for the warm up gigs and main event… and generally mucking in.
I am also part of the lovely teams at Rabidfest and Facebarmageddon, here taking part in Marketing too. Bringing what skills I have with Mammothfest into both of these awesome festivals… hopefully they find me useful! XD
I pride myself on keeping good relationships between projects I am involved with and others involved in keeping the scene alive…or pretty much anyone. I’m a friendly gal with a weird but positive outlook on life (bit of an earth child)…and have started putting gigs on independently.
I am madly in love with music. It is my life and always has been since I was very small… one of my best memories is of my mum dancing around in the kitchen with a very mini me, spag bol on the go, blasting out Motörhead, Guns n Roses, Black Sabbath, AC/DC and ZZ Top. 😀 Plus all the festivals and biker rallies my parents took us to.
I’m super excited about working with the guys here at Ever Metal and look forward to watching Ever Metal grow and taking part in the future for this amazing team! Thank you Rick, Dawn, Beth and everyone for giving me a place here <3
Love and music xx

Paul Monkhouse – Reviewer/Interviewer


I have loved music all my life and it’s one passion that has always been with me. From listening to the classical music my parents played to developing my own tastes in pop, glam and eventually rock in my early teens I really haven’t looked back. Over the course of countless hours listening to albums, thousands of artists seen throughout the years and some incredible experiences I genuinely feel that music is THE universal language.
Having progressed from those many hours spent staring at album covers (occasionally holding coloured vinyl, lyric sheets or having gatefold sleeves) I saw my first live band at the age of twelve when the elder brother of a friend somehow managed to convince someone that his punk band would be the perfect entertainment at a party. I would love to say that it made a seismic impression on me and caused some sort of ‘Eureka!’ moment but frankly it didn’t…they were loud, tuneless and sloppy but quite cool in a way. My first experience of a ‘proper’ gig came three years later when I saw the mighty Iron Maiden at Norwich UEA on the ‘Killers’ tour. Now THAT was a revelation! Despite actually going TO the gig with a perforated eardrum it was an experience I’ll never forget. The sights, sounds, smells, feelings of so many details are still so clear. I bought myself an official silk style tour scarf from the merch desk and really haven’t looked back since.
Gig after gig (mainly rock and metal) followed in venues large and small all over the country and the t shirt collection grew. There were occasionally additional treats such as plectrums, drum sticks, towels and set lists tossed from the stage (along with Kelly Johnson from Girlschool handing me her half-finished bottle of white wine at the end of a gig) but the gig was the thing…that kinship between the audience and bands that brought us together as one for a few hours of high decibel, adrenaline driven bliss.
At college I started to crew for my friends’ band, the very heavy metal monikered ‘Hell Bound’. It was fun but short lived as the end of college spelled the end of the band. I started to work for my mate’s post college band and that brought me into contact with some very major labels (a long story) but again, timing and the harsh realities defeated things. All was not lost though as, due to my passion and encyclopedic knowledge, I was asked to be A&R man at a small independent record label. This, in turn, led me to be approached to start band management, something I have been doing on and off since. This has taken me across the UK, Ireland, Europe and over to the States, providing chances to see places and meet people that have enriched my life in countless ways. Relationships have grown and I am now friends with some of my heroes from many different facets of the business: bands, (graphic) artists and writers….some of the folks who I used to see at festivals on stages in front of many thousands of people, creators of album artwork I used to analyse and journalists whose words in ‘Sounds’ and ‘Kerrang’ (before it became Smash Hits with extra leather and studs) I used to soak up.
Latterly, after all the hands-on side of music, I have been concentrating more on my writing and pursued something that started back when I wrote reviews for the college student magazine. I still do crewing, this time for the utterly magnificent Pat McManus (a man I first met when I was a stage hand for Thin Lizzy one night on their farewell tour in ’83 and he was supporting with his band, the superb Mamas Boys) but the writing is the thing. From being at Live Aid, seeing Frank Sinatra at the Royal Albert Hall, standing at the side of the stage watching Black Stone Cherry headline Ramblin Man Fair it’s been an absolute rush and I wouldn’t change it for a thing. I am stoked to become part of the Ever Metal family. Here’s to the future!

Dark Juan – Reviewer/Interviewer

Pic Dark Juan

“Rock, motherfucker. Rock, motherfucker. Rock, motherfucker, yeah!”
In the words of the inimitable (and surprisingly vertically challenged) Rob Zombie, we have the mantra I live my musical life by.
I am Dark Juan. I come to you from many years of mescaline fuelled preaching, exhorting the gospel variously of Satan, Metal, EBM, Pasta and Why You Shouldn’t Do That Thing With Your Hands. Yes, you, there. You know what it is. Pack it in.
Extreme music is my life. You will find my record collection and musical taste to be extraordinarily eclectic. 60s Satanic psychedelia? Got it. Power electronics? Got it. 80s Synthwave with Tim Capello (the sweaty guy in the purple spandex pants from The Lost Boys) playing guest saxophone? That will be Gunship’s last record. Brilliant. The fastest, most brutal metal ever committed to record? Got lots of it, ta. For the record, it’s The Berzerker’s debut album.
Anyway, I write stuff. You might like to read some of it sometime. I promise it will be at least passably entertaining as I disappear down some side path to what I was actually writing about and have to exert considerable effort to get back on track. I can promise tortured metaphors, brutal honesty (sometimes VERY brutal – ask Warrior Soul what I thought about their last album) and wry humour. Most of the time. Frothing outrage normally accounts for a good 30% of my output. But it’s something I enjoy doing and people are daft enough to keep giving me writing gigs so I can’t be too bad, can I?
I love discovering new metal. My favourite record of last year was Phlogiston Catharsis by P.H.O.B.O.S. I got into metal at age 13 when I swapped my Pet Shop Boys Best Of for a copy of Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son with my next door neighbour. I was lost to metal from that moment on. Although my love of metal has evolved alongside a 30 year obsession with the Sisters Of Mercy…
I have one test for anything I listen to: Is it interesting? If it is, I, and by definition you people possibly reading my words, you win. If it isn’t, well you’ve picked a loser with this one. Can’t take a joke, shouldn’t have joined…. that sort of thing. Anyway, bands I like range from David Lee Roth in his Skyscraper era, through the whole gamut of metal in all its forms through Maiden and WASP and the like, through Therapy? and Dinosaur Jr to thrash like Sodom and Sacred Reich and Sabbat and some black metal and Cradle Of Filth and off into my main love, which is industrial. Godflesh are my musical gods. Pitch Shifter were miles better when they did pure industrial grind rather than discovering pop music and Making Plans For Nigel.
Sod Nigel. He’s a right chancer. He’s 29 years old and it really is time he should be in his own flat.

Andy Jansons – Live Gig Reviewer/Photographer


Hello to everyone! I’m glad to be part of the Ever Metal family, so let me tell you who the heck I am.
I’m Andy and I’ve been a Rock music fan since the mid-eighties, when I listened to my late dad’s records. I started off with The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Queen, progressing to the more popular, at the time, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, AC/DC… and it got heavier as time went along. Before you knew it I was into Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura and Megadeth. However I’m not just into one subgenre. Nowadays I listen to everything that we can put under the Rock or Metal flag, from Alternative Rock to Death Metal and from Classic Rock to Modern Metalcore.
I will spare everyone from naming my current favourite bands, the list is very long, and I guess you’ll get some hints from the gigs I work at.
Music always has been and is very important to me. It has helped me get through a lot of crap in my life. Sometimes even the heaviest song can calm me down or provide a much needed emotional lift. However, I’m one of those people who pays particular attention to the song’s lyrics. A song may have a catchy tune or a killer riffs, but if the lyrics are nonsense, it might not be for me. Great music with deep lyrics is more powerful than any medication, and can heal and lift you up.
Although my musical education is absolutely zero, as is my understanding of musical technicalities, some say I’m not too shabby with a photo camera. Hell yes, I must be. I’ve been sitting in a dark room since the age of eight, developing film and making prints. Now, of course, everything is digital. I’ve been published in daily newspapers and magazines and worked as a journalist (in my native Latvian language, so excuse my poor English in reviews). Right now my main project is my photo agency. My priority is music performances although sports, fashion and other areas are of interest too.
I like the fact that Ever Metal is new to the music scene as I am myself, and that we have a chance to grow together and achieve all that we hope for. I’ll have a drink to that. Cheers!

Tammy Lomax – Reviewer/Interviewer/Promoter

Tammy Pic

Hi, I am Tammy Lomax.
I’m the Founder and Owner of Crush Cancer.
I have worked with many bands and customers throughout the years, helping with merch, ticket sales and all general enquiries. I have also helped with Mammothfest since 2014.
Music is my life and to give something back to the scene is my passion while raising money for charity. I am currently learning to play bass in my free time. I am also on the Street Team for Rabidfest and will do anything to help others grow as I appreciate the hard work, time and effort bands put in to their music.

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    I am blessed to have your attention and very happy to be a part in what you do! Legion is very pleased with your review and I thank you very much!

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