DGM – Momentum

06c Momentum Front Cover

DGM – Momentum
Scarlet Records
Release Date 26/03/2013

Running Time 56:04
Review By Rick Tilley

Question! When is a very good album NOT a very good album?

Answer! When it’s so bloody brilliant as to render that description completely useless!

DGM’s eighth album ‘Momentum’ has quite literally sprung from nowhere to go straight to the top of my list of best albums for 2013 and it is going to take something of seismic proportions to knock it off that spot. Considering the amount and variety of music I’ve reviewed and listened to already this year, that is really quite a statement, but this is sheer quality and class from start to finish. I’m already on about my twelfth listen, it gets better each time and the goose bumps are ever present.

What makes it so special? Well firstly it’s not just a case of ‘Momentum’ being ‘all killer and no filler’ but every song from opener ‘Reason’ to album closer ‘Blame’ is so utterly stunning that a new word for killer needs to be thought of! To my ears every note is nigh on in perfectly the right place. Vocals, melodies, choruses, solos (keyboard and guitar), tempo, time changes; bass & drums, absolutely everything has been given the Midas touch! Sometimes, the stars align with my eardrums and that is what has happened here. Mark Basile (vocals), Simone Mularoni (guitars), Andrea Arcangeli (bass), Emanuele Casali (keyboards) and Fabio Costantino (drums) have quite simply created a masterpiece and you cannot get the smile off of my face when listening to ‘Momentum’.

DGM have long been regarded as one of the best Prog Metal bands around, although they have never reached the same level of success as Symphony X or Pagan’s Mind. Those bands better watch out though because, whilst the previous albums of DGM that I’ve heard have been very good, ‘Momentum’ takes it into the stratosphere. In fact they couldn’t have picked a better name for the album. As if to prove that those two bands are sitting up and taking notice ‘Russell Allen’ (Symphony X/Adrenaline Mob) and ‘Jorn Viggo Lofstad’ (Pagan’s Mind) make stunning guest appearances on this album to add an even further layer of brilliance. Those of you that read my reviews on Brutiful or elsewhere know that I do not heap praise on an album lightly! I also don’t give scores at this site, but if I did, and to quote an often used line from Spinal Tap, “This one goes up to eleven”!

Note – Added 11/06/2017

As you know I now give scores and I’ve somewhat shot myself in the foot by saying above that I’d give this album an eleven, however, I have absolutely no problem with giving it full marks because, even four years on, ‘Momentum’ absolutely kills! I shall also be reviewing their recently released live album ‘Passing Stages, Live In Milan And Atlanta’ very soon!

1. Reason
2. Trust
3. Universe
4. Numb
5. Pages
6. Repay
7. Chaos
8. Remembrance
9. Overlord
10. Void
11. Blame

Mark Basile – Vocals
Fabio Constantino – Drums
Andrea Arcangeli – Bass
Simone Mularoni – Guitars
Emanuele Casali – Keyboards


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Originally written for Brutiful Metal Radio in 2013

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