Wolf Counsel – Destination Void

Destination Void Cover

Wolf Counsel – Destination Void
Endless Winter
Release Date: 22/02/2019
Running Time: 48:00
Review by Tsarina Wilson

If you want an album that packs a punch from track one, here you go.

The band, consisting of Ralf W. Garcia on Bass/vocals, Reto Crola on drums, Andreas Reinhart on guitars and Ralf Huber on guitars, certainly know how to give you the full package. From great guitar riffs to intense vocals, they have a style of their own and don’t follow the crowd.

Originally a brainchild of the 1990’s, Wolf Counsel finally came to be in 2014 when two veteran musicians merged their enthusiasm and low tuned music and great appreciation of heavy riffs into a new band.

Wolf Counsel have released three full length albums so far; “Vol 1 – Wolf Counsel” (2015), “Ironclad” (2016) and “Age Of Madness / Reign Of Chaos” (2017). All these albums were recorded at Little Creek Studio and produced, mixed and mastered by V. O. Pulver (Poltergeist, GurD, Panzer) and all feature seven songs each that cover the whole scope of classic Doom Metal, showing how this band is developing with each album they release.

The band wrote their fourth album in four months, and this album “Destination Void” again consists of seven tracks, my favourite being ‘Nova’. This may have something to do with the fact that is my mum’s name but, on the other side; I just love the depth to the whole track.

These four guys from Switzerland really have a unique sound. Yes, it’s Doom Metal but it’s much more. It has a sharp edge to it and with such slow and gruff vocals; it has its own unique appeal which is very refreshing. With many Doom bands, you spend a lot of time thinking “what are they saying” but not with Wolf Counsel. They break away from the traditional but in a good way. They have a doom vibe which they can call their own.

‘Destination Void’ the title track is haunting and if there is a horror film director out there who needs a band for their next film credits then it’s these guys. I think it would be a perfect combination, the haunting lyrics followed by some brilliant guitar riffs then back to slow haunting, drunken vocals.

The brilliant artwork on the album cover is just as haunting as the music and sums up the band so well.

On the whole “Destination Void” was a great listen and I look forward to future things from these guys.

01. Nazarene
02. Nova
03. Mother Of All Plagues
04. Men Of Iron Men OF Smoke
05. Destination Void
06. Tomorrow Never Knows
07. Staring Into Oblivious




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