Jefferson Starship – Mother Of The Sun EP

Mother Of The Sun EP Cover

Jefferson Starship – Mother Of The Sun EP
Golden Robot Records
Release Date: 21/8/2020
Running Time: 32:07
Review by Mark Pritchard

On what is a freezing day in a fresh new year (it is the UK, so technically a normal day!), after what was a hell of a 2020, I find myself sitting at my desk while trying to stay warm (which isn’t really happening)! But, even though the outside of me is feeling the cold, the inside of my body’s warming up nicely, listening to “Mother Of The Sun”, the most recent EP by legendary Rock and Roll band “Jefferson Starship”. I actually received this EP a few months back, but with everything I had going on, as well as COVID-19, I have only recently been able to get my head straight enough to write again. And listening to “Mother Of The Sun” has actually been really helpful to listen to, as it has nice soothing/relaxing songs that have picked me up little by little.

Jefferson Starship are an American Rock band, that were initially formed in the 1960’s as ‘Jefferson Airplane’. Under this name, they produced hits including both ‘White Rabbit’ and ‘Somebody To Love’. In the 1970’s they became ‘Jefferson Starship’ and released 11 studio albums. But then it was all change again, and when I first encountered them, they were under the name ‘Starship’. I was born in 1988, and as I grew up, I enjoyed listening to their songs ‘Sara’, ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ and ‘We Built This City’ (a personal favourite of mine). They stayed under this name until 1992, when they changed to ‘Starship feat. Mickey Thomas’. But now they’ve returned to ‘Jefferson Starship’ and released their first EP “Mother Of The Sun” 18 years after their last studio album was released.

I have been listening to this EP for a few months now as, during that time, life decided to kick my behind, and I’ve only recently been able to get my head down to review it. And, if there’s one thing I can say about “Mother Of The Sun”, it is that it gives off the feel of the band history, and with songs like ‘It’s About Time’ and ‘What Are We Waiting For’ it takes me back to being that little kid again, listening to their familiar sound on the radio! With the experience of David Freiberg who joined during the last year of ‘Jefferson Airplane’, Donny Baldwin who joined when the band was previously named ‘Jefferson Starship’, more recently Cathy Richardson, (who re-joined in 2016 after being with the band from 2008-2015), and Jude Gold in 2012, you have the best of the ‘old rock’, with beautiful instrumentals and guitar solos that remind me of yesteryear, blended with the new. This makes for a record that would fit right in with anyone’s playlist.

After listening to “Mother Of The Sun” as much as I have, I’ve concluded that my standout song from this amazing EP has to be, none other, than ‘What Are We Waiting For’. From the short guitar solo at the start, the really delicate, soft, vocals to the chorus of the song, it stands out so much, and is such a relaxing song to listen to. Whether it be at a time of happiness, or when feeling down, this song just hits the soul.

01. It’s About Time
02. What Are We Waiting For
03. Setting Sun
04. Runaway Again
05. Embryonic Journey
06. Don’t Be Sad Anymore
07. What Are We Waiting For (Extended)

David Freiberg – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Donny Baldwin – Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals
Chris Smith – Keyboards & Bass Guitar
Cathy Richardson – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jude Gold – Lead Guitar


Jefferson Starship

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